10 Types Of Dog Owner

10 Types Of Dog Owner

When you go to the dog park, you will come across the usual types of dog owner. Some dog owners can have very strong views on various canine topics, and it can be difficult to keep your cool. We all love our dogs and want what is best for them, it's just everyone has a different idea of how should be trained and looked after. If you are a dog owner, you have to learn to deal with lots of different personality types when you meet fellow owners. Here are ten of the most common types of dog owner.

The my dog is amazing owner

The owner that can't stop bragging about how fantastic their dog is. We all adore our dogs but some owners take their pride to extreme levels and constantly tell others how wonderful their dog is. It can get a little tedious.

The reclusive dog owner

Some dog owners don't like their dog to interact with other dogs for one reason or another. They might prefer to keep themselves to themselves and enjoy interacting with their dog over people.

The active dog owner

These dog owners are out running with their dog every day. They attend agility classes, go on epic dog walks and just can't get enough of the great outdoors.

The wannabe dog trainer owner/knowitall

Perhaps the most annoying owner in the park, someone who thinks they know best. When other dog owners try to force their opinions on you and tell you how you should look after your dog it can be infuriating.

The oblivious/laissez faire dog owner

let their dogs do what they want, probably won't bother to pick up after their dog, most of the time they don't even notice them go to the toilet.

The overprotective dog owner

These owners tend to wrap their dogs in cotton wool. They get terrified when another dog runs up to their dog and are constantly concerned for their dogs welfare, sometimes too much so.

The owner that overfeeds

These owners are in denial, they think their dog is at an acceptable weight when they are actually clinically obese. They don't realise that by constantly giving their dog and large meals they are killing them with kindness.

The my dog is a human owner

People who think their dogs are their children, or don't realise they own a dog not an actual person. We all see our dogs as part of the family but it's important to still let them be dogs.

The owner that spoils their dog rotten

When you love your dog it's hard not to spoil them every now and then. Some owners will insist on their dog only having the best of the best. They will constantly pamper their pooch and shower them with treats.

The Alpha owner

Alpha dog owners like to be dominant over their dogs and establish themselves as the pack leader.

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