Yumega Boost 180 Scoops

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Yumega Boost 180 Scoops

A nutritional boost for coat and nails

YuMEGA Boost provides vital nutrients that specifically promote hair growth, aid skin health, and support nail growth when your dog needs a little extra help.

Boosts coat growth

Promotes healthy skin

Supports nail growth and strength

Works in partnership with YuMEGA oils

Trusted by breeders and vets

5 signs your dog needs extra support from YuMEGA Boost

Do your dog’s nails tend to split?

Does their coat look out of condition?

Is your dog moulting excessively?

Is their skin dry or flaky?

Is your pet suffering dog hair loss?

These are all signs that your dog could do with a bit of extra help to promote rapid hair growth and stronger nails.

YuMEGA Boost has been specially formulated to help with resolve these issues.

YuMEGA Boost is the perfect complement to YuMEGA Dog, YuMEGA Itchy Dog and YUMEGA Show Dog when you want to provide maximum support for coat, skin and nails.

How does YuMEGA Boost help get your dog’s coat and nails back to full strength?In a nutshell, YuMEGA Boost provides your dog with vital nutrients to help reduce dog hair loss and strengthen their nails.

Here is how YUMEGA Boosts helps more specifically…Boosts coat growth

Lecithin provides a concentrated source of phospholipids and fatty acids – essential for healthy coat growth. Added yeast, a natural source of Vitamin B also supports growth and condition.Promotes healthy skin

Zinc plays an important role in skin condition and is an essential component for hair growth. Vitamin C & E are important antioxidants to help maintain healthy skin.Strengthens coat and nails

Biotin is essential for keratin formation and supports growth of hair, skin and nails. While Mannan-oligosaccharides support healthy digestion, so your dog gets the best from their food for skin and coat health.How YuMEGA Boost works together with YuMEGA Show DogYou can use YuMEGA Boost in combination with YuMEGA Show Dog to give your dog perfect coat and encourage rapid recovery from excessive dog moulting or hair loss back to full show condition.The table below shows how we’ve developed these premium supplements to work in harmony, together providing a winning combination for show dogs of all breeds.

YuMEGA Show Dog YuMEGA Boost

Coat Improves condition and beauty; encourages growth. Ensures rapid coat growth and recovery from excessive dog moulting.

Skin Nourishes soft, supple skin. Improves and maintains skin health.

Eyes Provides vital nutrients to support eye health.

Nails Supports nail growth and strength.Who else has YuMEGA Boost helped?We’re really proud of YuMEGA Boost and the difference it makes to dogs (and their owners). If you’d like to know how this premium dog skin, coat and nail supplement helps, why not browse our review section?Daily

Feeding Guidelines:

Simply add the recommended amount to your dog’s food each day, based on their weight.

Daily Dose How many days will a box last?

180 Scoops

Small Breeds

(up to 10kg) 1 Scoop 180

Medium Breeds

(10-20kg) 2 Scoops 90

Large Breeds

(20-30kg) 3 Scoops 60

Very Large Breeds

(Over 30kg) 4-5 Scoops 36-45

Using YuMEGA Boost For The First Time?

It’s important to give your dog time to get used to new things you introduce into their diet, so try using a small amount to begin with, before moving up to the recommended amount for your dog.Shop now for YuMEGA BoostIt’s the easy way to get your dog back into condition by boosting their hair growth and nail strength.


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