Whiskas cat food is one of the most prevalent and well-known cat foods on offer in the UK market today. Making cat food for over half a century now, Whiskas uses decades of experience about the needs and desires of our feline friends in order to formulate a food that keeps them both healthy and happy.

Your cat can grow through the Whiskas range, with products to suit every puss from the smallest kitten to the most noble of elderly cats. Whiskas loves the independent spirit cats exude, and have spent many of their decades trying to understand the best way to provide love and care without defying a cat’s natural instincts. Through studying cats’ intriguing behaviours and habits, Whiskas have acquired a great deal of understanding, helping owners to provide the very best lives for the furry friends.

About Whiskas

The Whiskas brand pride themselves on producing the sorts of cat food an owner can be proud to feed their cat. Working with the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, Whiskas curates cat products that constantly improve nutritional balance and flavour, ensuring all meals are full of natural goodness and nutrition.

As well as filling your feline, their chefs are constantly working on innovative new recipes as well as improving old favourites, to keep your cat coming back for more! All this amounts to helping your cat to lead a healthy, happy life

For a 4kg cat, Whiskas recommends feeding your cat one pouch in the morning, one in the evening and 15g of dry food in between (alongside the obligatory, occasional treat)! Whiskas cats are independent and spirited, and the Whiskas range is thus formulated to provide food that tastes great but also contains all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your feline needs to have the best day, every day.

Whiskas range and products

NBecause your kitty cat’s nutritional needs change throughout life, Whiskas products are created to perfectly suit the dietary specificities of their age. With a range to suit kittens up to one year, adult cats from 1-7 years and senior cats amassing 7+ impressive years, Whiskas cat foods range across all of the dietary specificities your puss requires to live a long and happy life.

As well as offering wet and dry foods, Whiskas offers a range of cat milks, as well as treats. Comprising fish, poultry and meat options, the flavour variations will keep a fussy feline happy and nutritionally balanced.

Buy Whiskas online today

With a lifetime’s experience in feeding your cat, Whiskas are always working to provide a product that is both affordable and tasty for your cat. They support WWF, and have raised £600,000 for tigers since 2013, with the help of their customer base. If Whiskas is the best choice for your kitty cat, why not buy it online today? We are based online, so we can cut out the middleman, offering the best value direct to your pocket, as well as making the delivery process much quicker and easier. Get free delivery on all orders over £25.