We are delighted to feature an outstanding collection of fine foods from Vitalin in the Time for Paws range. You will find exceptional choices for dogs, working dogs, ducks and ferrets. Each variety is manufactured in the UK and created from the best ingredients.

Initially trading as Arthur Mills, Vitalin have always set the benchmark for exceptional animal foods. The “Original” was the first commercially produced complete dry dog food in the UK. It met with immediate success and so the range has been expanded over the years to feature a wide variety of innovative foods. The team at Vitalin use their nutritional expertise to perfectly combine ingredients in order to create delicious foods that promote excellent all round health.

Wherever possible, the raw ingredients for Vitalin’s range are sourced in the UK and often from farms which are local to their production facility in Lincolnshire. Vitalin are dedicated to both quality and the environment. In 2008 the company was awarded the Royal Warrant.

Whether you are looking for the finest available feed for your ducks and ferrets or to provide your dog with a healthy, balanced diet, you will find what you need in the Vitalin range. This includes specialist foods for working dogs and the perfect recipes for fussy eaters. After all, even the healthiest foods aren’t going to weave their magic if your dog won’t eat them! Vitalin’s impressive foods are tasty and healthy choices that your pet is sure to appreciate and we are pleased to bring them to you here at Time for Paws.