SHEBA Creamy Snacks Cat Treats Beef 4 x 12g

Code: BP402955

SHEBA Creamy Snacks Cat Treats Beef 4 x 12g


Meat and Animal Derivatives (including 4% Beef)

Derivatives of Vegetable Origin

Oils and Fats

Milk and Milk Derivatives (including 0.5% milk protein)


Analytical constituents (%):

Protein: 3.5

Fat content: 3.5

Inorganic matter: 1

Crude fibres: 0.5

Moisture: 89

Energy: 56 kcal/100g

Available in Chicken, Salmon and Beef

Each 12g sachet has the ideal size for one daily portion

Each sachet contains less than 10% of recommended calorie intake of cats

Each 12g sachet SHEBA® Creamy Snacks contains less than 3% fat

Contains no artificial colours or preservatives

SHEBA® Creamy Snacks are creamy cat treats in 12g sachets. Due to its creamy texture the snack can be easily squeezed from the sachet and is thus ideal for hand feeding. SHEBA® Creamy Snacks create a special moment between you and your cat, for even more time together.

At Sheba we understand your feline friend's desire for high quality cat food and well-crafted recipes. Sheba has designed a collection of superior pet food, with delicious recipes, making feeding your cat a pleasure every time. You'll have them purring and pawing for more.

Sheba® high quality adult cat food and well crafted recipes

Complementary pet treats

Sheba luxury cat treats for adult cats with 4 x 12g

Premium Creamy Snacks cat treat with Beef

Cat food contains no artificial colours or preservatives

Health & Lifestyle


Artificial Colours - Free From

Artificial Preservatives - Free From

Feeding instructions: Feed up to 1 sachet per day. Please reduce main meal accordingly.

Fresh drinking water should always be available.


Store in a cool and dry place. Use each sachet within 1 day of opening.

Best before date: see front of pack.

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