The Salters range features high energy canine foods which provide a balanced diet for hardworking and performance dogs. Salters’ foods feature high calorie recipes with blends of chicken, vegetables, rice and oils. These give dogs the energy they need to perform at their best, no matter how strenuous their activities are.

Salters is a family run business and unsurprisingly the family are dog lovers! They are dedicated to producing the highest quality foods from superior ingredients which dogs just love to eat. Every food is as healthy and balanced as possible. The complete, dry foods are built around fresh chicken and long grain rice which are human grade. Wholesome, natural ingredients including seaweed and sunflower meal deliver those all-Important vitamins and minerals and Salters dog foods are the only canine meals to include extra virgin olive oil. This ensures fabulous skin and exceptional coat condition.

These fine foods are hypo-allergenic and so are suitable for animals with digestive issues, skin problems and troublesome temperaments. No artificial chemicals, preservatives or flavour enhancers are used in any of the foods.

The Salters range features varieties for energy, maintenance, puppies and senior dogs, all of which we are delighted to bring you here at Time for Paws. These are premium foods favoured by breeders which are competitively priced. If your working dog would benefit from an improved diet, then the Salters range is a well worth exploring.