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Your Dog Is Good for Your Health

You probably devote a great deal of time and money to ensuring that your pet is happy and healthy. But did you realise that if you own a dog, they are helping to keep you healthy too?

Dog Owners Do More Exercise

A new study commissioned by Butcher’s Pet Care has revealed that dog owners are fitter and healthier than people without pooches. They walk or run for an average of 74 minutes each day compared to the measly 18 minutes that non-dog owners typically manage. Dog owners will cover almost three times the distance on foot that non-owners do and are more active overall. Dog owners are more likely to walk to their destination than to drive there and have a greater tendency to take the stairs rather than using the lift.

Dog Owners Feel Fitter

Dog owners overwhelmingly reported that they felt fitter and healthier after they got their pets and many said that walking the dog helped to reduce their stress levels. So dogs help people to be fitter in mind as well as body.

Walking Routine

2,000 dog owners were surveyed and most reported that exercising the dog simply became part of their daily routine. Most dogs were walked at least twice a day. Dog owners said that if they needed something from the local shop they would tend to reach for the lead and take a walk rather than choosing to jump in their cars. So dogs are helping the environment too!

Making Friends

The social aspects of dog ownership are also beneficial to human health. Owners tend to chat to other owners and can make new friends when they are out and about. This is life affirming, stress relieving and can help those who may otherwise feel lonely.

The Exercise Regime

According to this survey, dog owners spend an average of 58 minutes a day walking the dog which means that they will typically walk 21 miles a week. They will also spend an average of 16 minutes every day chasing their dog around the garden. That’s an extra 97 hours of exercise every year. Many owners also enjoy regular runs with their dogs.

Bigger is Better for Fitness

The survey also revealed that the bigger dogs mean even fitter owners. Breeds which benefit from large amounts of exercise like retrievers and boxers were helping their owners to cover even more ground.

Excuses, Excuses

Some owners also admitted that walking the dog could be a convenient excuse to get away from a nagging partner or a good opportunity to spend time chatting to family and friends on their mobiles.

Dogs are the Healthy Choice

So there you have it. The nation’s obesity epidemic could be addressed more effectively if everyone owned a dog. You soon shed the pounds when you have a boisterous Dalmatian on your hands!

It’s official – dogs are good for you.


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