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Would You Cook Gourmet Meals For Your Dog?

Recently celebrity chef James Martin teamed up with animal nutritionist Marc Abraham to create . Some of the meals they came up with include a fish bake, cheese and kale frittata and recipes using sweet potato. Apparently these meals can be prepared in minutes, and the dogs love them. But is this really a practical option? Do dogs really need to be fed gourmet food and is it any better than normal dog food?

There are some excellent out there that contain extremely high quality ingredients. These foods are made especially for dogs and for most people they are good enough.

Would you ever consider swapping the convenience of dog food for home cooked gourmet meals? It seems like a huge amount of preparation and effort goes into creating your own dishes. These days not many people have the time to cook for their dog as well as their family.

One of the most appealing aspects of dry dog food is that it is so convenient and doesn’t create a mess. You can easily take it anywhere with you and if you run out you can order some more easily. Home cooked meals take a lot more time and planning to get them right.

The other main concern with this sort of diet is you have to make sure your dog gets all the nutrients they need. When you buy ‘complete’ dog food you know it has everything in it to keep your dog healthy. If you choose to feed your dog yourself then you have to double check your dog is getting everything they need from their diet. You might also need to purchase additional supplements to ensure your dog is getting all the vitamins and minerals they require.

Another thing you have to be careful of is that all the ingredients you are using are safe for

It’s easy to make a mistake and use an ingredient that could cause your dog problems. Make sure you research foods that are dangerous for dogs before you attempt any homemade meals. for a list of some foods that are dangerous for dogs.

You don’t of course have to feed your dog gourmet food all the time. Some owners like to cook a special meal for their dogs as a treat. Here are some gourmet dog food recipes


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