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Woman in USA Adopts Same Dog That She Had to Give Away As Child

When looking to adopt a new pet, you might get a special feeling, a gut feeling, that a dog or cat is going to be the one for you. It might be something in the way they look, or the way they behave when you first say hello, but you just know from that moment that the decision has made itself, and you cannot wait then for your friends or family to meet your new little friend.

Sometimes this may be so much the case, the connection that you seem suddenly to have with your potential new pet being so strong, that it feels as though you’re being introduced to a pet which you already have met. Well, for one lucky dog owner, it turned out that this was not just a magical feeling that she had when she was looking to adopt and caught sight of a certain Pomeranian-poodle. It was actually true.

Dog reminds her of childhood pet

Nicole Grimes from Pennsylvania was looking for a dog and noticed that one on an online advert that appeared very familiar. She decided, because it just felt right, to adopt the dog. This was above all as this Pomeranian-poodle reminded her of her own childhood puppy called Chloe, whom she loved so much when she was younger. Unfortunately, Chloe had to be let go and was sent to be adopted much like this dog, as her father, who had started to work from home, needed the house to be bit less yappy whilst he was on the phone for his job.

But the similarities between the dog Nicole had loved before and the one she was about to adopt did not stop at appearance. For, things became even stranger when, after having acquired about the dog through the online advertisement, she found out that her name, just like her childhood dog’s name, was also ‘Chloe.’

Too good to be true

The time came for Nicole to meet Chloe, and though Nicole thought it odd that she was called Chloe and also looked like her former pet, she still thought that this had been purely one of those crazy coincidences. But on meeting up with Chloe for what she still thought would be the first time, the curious coincidence seemed to become a once in a lifetime touch of fate. As they came face to face, Nicole really started to believe that this was not the first time that she and this dog had met.

Chloe, on seeing Nicole, ran up to her immediately and started licking her face. It was a moment that seemed too good to be true, and Nicole now says of the meeting, ‘I knew in my heart she had to be the same dog.’
Her husband wasn’t entirely convinced, and so they decided to go and have Chloe’s microchip checked. This confirmed that Nicole had been right and, astoundingly, Chloe was indeed the same dog that she was so sad to have to let go of almost a decade before.


Chloe had originally been a gift for Nicole from her grandmother, who since passed away. Having Chloe return in such unlikely circumstances has helped her to stay strong over the grieving process. What is more, Chloe, now a little smaller with age and toothless, is settling down into the Grimes' household and becoming best friends with Nicole’s baby daughter Violet.


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