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Why You Shouldn’t ‘Rescue’ a Puppy From a Puppy Farm

Puppy farms are a huge problem in the UK. Charities are constantly working to get them shut down but some still continue to operate. Many people go to puppy farms or bad breeders without realising until they arrive. Once they see these puppies suffering they cannot resist taking one home. People think that they are saving a puppy by buying it, when in reality all they are doing is funding the puppy farm.


If you do find yourself in this situation, walk away. Do not buy the dog or you are contributing to the problem. The dogs used for breeding will be used continuously to breed litters until they cannot breed anymore. At this point they are usually discarded as they are no longer useful.


The poor puppies are also taken away from their mothers and litter too early which causes all sorts of problems. If you buy a puppy they will only produce more and put more puppies through a horrible first few weeks in this world.


At puppy farms puppies are mass produced solely for the purpose of making money. The dogs have to live in terrible conditions. They live in overcrowded, filthy kennels and some don’t even get let out or see daylight. The dogs don’t receive proper veterinary care and are often underfed.


Many of the puppies sold through puppy farms end up with serious illnesses and health conditions. So even though they might be cheaper to buy, you will most likely end up spending more on vet bills. Stay strong and do not buy a puppy because it pulls on your heart strings. You are only paying for more puppies and adult dogs to be treated poorly.


You don’t have to ignore the issue, the most sensible thing to do is gather evidence (if it is possible and safe to do so) and then go and report the puppy farm. Local rescue centres are often able to help by rescuing the pups and adult dogs and rehoming them.


See the Kennel Club website for more information


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