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Why You Should Consider An Unusual Breed Of Dog

Why You Should Consider An Unusual Breed Of Dog

When you are out at your local park, you will probably see some more familiar dog breeds. There is always a labrador about somewhere, as well as a staffie, a spaniel or a german shepherd. We all know some of the top favourite dog breeds, and most of us just can’t resist getting one. However, there are some benefits to having a dog that isn’t very well known.

Firstly, it’s nice when people notice that you have an unusual breed of dog, and ask what breed you have. This strikes up conversations with fellow dog owners and generates interest in your dog, which makes you feel proud. Although some of the more popular dogs are lovely, adorable and make wonderful pets, it’s sometimes difficult to understand why people want to have the same dog as everyone else in the world.

Another reason why you should consider getting an unusual dog is become some breeds need your help. Some unusual breeds are so unusual that nobody really knows about them, and their numbers start to fall. Certain rare dog breeds are at risk of going extinct, which is very sad indeed. You can help a dog breed that is falling in popularity by getting a dog and telling people about the breed.

Although some of the more popular breeds can be perfect for some dog owners, they aren’t right for everyone. You may choose a common dog breed because it’s well known, but they might not be the most suitable dog for you. Some more unusual breeds may contain characteristics that fit your lifestyle better. Don’t just follow the crowd, research which breeds tick all your boxes rather than taking the easy option and getting a popular breed.

A lot of people are influenced by celebrities and dogs that have become trendy. As soon as a dog is seen with a high profile celebrity, puppy sales go through the roof. This is not a good reason to get a specific dog. Unusual breeds of dog can really stand out and surprise you in every way. So if you are considering getting a puppy or a rescue dog, keep an open mind and bear in mind some of the more unusual breeds.
To see a full list of all the different official dog breeds you can get in the UK, check out the Kennel Club website. to learn about all the different dog breeds. Want to know which breeds are at risk? is a list of all the native breeds that are currently considered to be at risk.


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