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Why You Should Be More Cat

A new book by French author Stéphane Garnier suggests that the secret to happiness and success is to live more like your cat. Tell us something we don’t know!

Cats do seem to have nailed the old work life balance thing, don’t they? They always appear to be rested and they have the knack of negotiating a deal for their accommodation which does not involve paying any rent. Incredibly popular into the bargain, cats have life sorted!

For her new book, Stéphane Garnier immersed herself in extensive research at her laboratory, otherwise known as her houseboat where her furry friend Ziggy also resides. She became convinced that we should all be just a little more cat.

Learn to Delegate Like a Cat

You wouldn’t catch any self-respecting cat doing anything resembling work if there was someone else that they could lean on to do it. Cats are skilled at creating leisure time for themselves by outsourcing the more mundane tasks in life like paying the bills, preparing food and cleaning the house. By relying on humans to get the chores done, cats also manage to make their owners feel important because they are responsible for the welfare of their pet.

This is a neat trick which can be transferred to the workplace. Managers are often guilty of getting too involved in the work that their employees should be doing. A cat would never make that mistake! We should emulate cats and delegate more in order to enjoy a better life.

Don’t Over-think Everything

Humans have a tendency to over-think everything whereas cats are happy to let most things go. With little sense of time, cats focus on the moment and so are free to make the most of every minute of every day. They don’t worry about the future or punish themselves for past mistakes, they just get on with the here and now.

Accept Yourself

It’s hard to be sure, but cats don’t appear to waste any of their little grey cells dreaming about being another cat or wishing that their fur was a different colour. They are proud of who they are and don’t engage in pointless and demoralising thoughts. What wisdom!

Get on With It

Cats always seem to land on their feet and this is because they are quick to adapt to the situation at hand. They don’t waste time on trivia and simply get on with the important things in life like lounging around. There’s certainly a lesson to be learned right there!

Be Assertive

If you annoy a cat you certainly get to know about it and quickly. Cats will always stand up for themselves and defend their territory and nobody blames them afterwards because they have established their right to their own space.

Stand Your Ground

It is almost impossible to persuade a cat to anything that they don’t want to do. This is a great attitude to channel! The next time you are being pressured to go to a party and you really don’t fancy it, just say no! Cats do exactly what they like and nobody ever seems to hold it against them. We could get away with more if we learn to stand our ground.

Value Your Opinion Not Everybody Else’s

Cats couldn’t care less what anybody thinks about them and they don’t waste any energy trying to create a good impression. But we love them anyway!

How to Live Like Your Cat is published November 16 2017



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