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Why Surfing Dogs Are The Coolest Dogs On Earth

What could possibly be cooler on this earth than dogs? Well, dogs that surf of course.

Many of us have never surfed a day in our lives but these good boys are inspiring us to move to the sunny states and take up a life of sun, sea and surf, proving the dogs are included.

These dogs are surfing all the way from the Californian waves, straight into our hearts and here is why!

Life’s A Beach For These Dogs

Somewhere right now, while you are stressing over that same old daily grind, some of the world’s most epic dogs are riding the waves with no care in the world. Life doesn’t have to be serious and these pawsome dudes know it. Living in the moment is their motto.

Fuss Free And Low Maintenance

When you look at the photos of the World Dog Surfing Championship in California, you can see our four-legged friends having the time of their life, bath time Is clearly no issue for these guys; an owners dream! What is fuss anyway, right? These dogs are too cool for doggy drama and only want to soak up mother nature's gifts.

Our Motivational Idols

When the magic words are said, “surfs up”, these dogs won’t hesitate to dominate the ocean. Sharks and other ocean critters are just not a threat, no time for that when you are having a splashing time! Not even for Skylar, who with one eye, managed to win the Shredder of the year award, motivational much?

Embracing Their Furry Selves

The character of these stylish dogs really shines through between each glistening wave. From dogs with blue mohawks and shades to yellow hula necklaces, with all dogs all off shapes, sizes and breeds, these little guys just are not afraid to express themselves and embrace their furry selves. These surfer dudes are all about he all inclusive – everyone's invited.

A Bond Stronger Than Poseidon and The Ocean

Learning to surf is something that takes a lot of time and patience, even for humans. Many days in the sun and rain will be spent between these owners and their talented angels. Through it all, these furry friends and their human companions will have an unbreakable bond for the rest of their lives. Loyalty is their middle name.

Never Taking A Bad Photo

Let’s face it, no dog could ever possibly take a bad photo, especially one that is on a surfboard and in a fluorescent orange jacket. These dogs know all the best poses and how to give a smile that will infect the whole audience. We all wish that we could look just as good as these dogs in candid photos, they’re Instagram’s next top models.

There is just nothing that these dogs cannot dog, really, they should be an inspiration to us all. From their shining confidence, soothing mindfulness skills and a general attitude to live their lives to the furry fullest; they really are the coolest dogs on the block (or the world).

Move over Grumpy Cat, these dogs are the new stars in town; and we can’t get enough of them.


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