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Why Our World Would End If Dogs Disappeared

Can you imagine a world without the doting dog? Joyful and jovial, helpful and eternally happy. The faithful canine companion is our best friend, our rock, and loyal to the very end. So, just how would our lives change for the worse without them? Here are 7 reasons why the world as we know it would be over if our devoted doggies disappeared…


They help people to live better lives

Dogs have long been utilised for more than their cuteness. For many, they can be the golden ticket to helping lead a better life. Whether it’s guiding the blind, fetching medication or even sniffing out certain illness, they are the proud owners of invisible capes and never to be underestimated.


 They provide protection in abundance

Anyone who has been the proud owner of a dog will understand the safety felt just by owning one. They may not all be ferocious in their mindset but if there were zero dogs in existence, that would be another reason for more people to attempt break-ins, and a scarier, less secure world to live in.


 Fitness is almost guaranteed

From thrice daily walks to chucking around their favourite teddy, your pup does more than keep you safe. They keep you fit! They can also help with your emotional well-being, by keeping your stress and anxiety levels at a healthier level, meaning a calmer and happier human race.


Dogs can help bring you out of your human shell

It’s impossible to have a dog and not go out into the big, wide world. More than just giving them a chance to stretch their hairy legs, your pal will ensure you meet other like minded folk by trying to make friends of their own.


“Oh, don’t mind Frank. He’s just giving her a good sniff, seeing what she’s all about.”

“That’s okay, it’s the way I meet new people too. Har har har.”

Not only has your pup made a new pal, he’s helped you get one too. Thanks for making me more social, Frank!


Or be your best friend in a time of need

Dogs have a tendency for knowing if something is going on with their owner. Had a mare of a day at the office or a row with a friend? Fido may not be able to give you that foot rub you seem in desperate need or, or run you a hot bath but he will take the stress away with snuggle time, and really that’s all the comfort you require.

They always have a smile on their face

Dogs just wont allow you to fixate on sadness. In their dedicated minds, they exist to make you happy and will permanently remind you of this by having it constantly painted on their faces.

Can the same be said for your two-legged house-mate or partner? (If the answer is yes, be worried. This sort of permanent emotion is not normal for us humans).


And devotion is never questioned

On the above note, who even needs a partner when you’ve got a bounding ball of fluff who will love you no matter what. Fed up with all ‘breaking news’ being of the bad kind? Fido will make sure love is quite literally all around you by smothering you in it, every minute of the day.

No matter if you spend every waking minute with them or roll in the front door at 3amon more than one weekly occasion, your pal doesn’t care. They don’t judge your choice of kebab or vomit ridden shoes. They’re just glad to be in your presence and who else can say that?*

*If you find a human counterpart who will, hold onto them tightly. They are also known as keepers.

No-one really knows exactly what would happen if dogs were no longer a thriving part of our universe, but it’s safe to assume that the world would indeed be a darker, more stressful and much more difficult place to exist in, if our plentiful pups weren’t here by our side.


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