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Why More Offices Should Be Dog Friendly

Are you allowed to take your dog to the office?

Let’s face it, an office an be a very stressful, tense place sometimes. We could all use something to help calm us down and lift our spirits on those particularly tough working days. Some offices allow dogs, and staff can bring their beloved canine companions into the office. This can make a huge difference to staff morale, and generally make the office a nicer place to be.

It’s common knowledge that stroking a dog can be good for you. It can help to lower your blood pressure and release happiness hormones. Stroking a dog is very therapeutic, and can instantly improve your mood. After stressing and panicking in order to try and meet a deadline, it’s nice to have a dog come up to you for some attention.

It’s also much more convenient for dog owners and means they don’t have to leave their dog at home, or put them in daycare. Thousands of dogs would be spared the trauma of being rehomed if more offices would let people bring their dogs to work. If having a dog friendly policy on a daily basis is not possible, some offices should consider having regular bring your dog to work days.

There is of course the problem of there being some staff who are allergic or terrified of dogs, in which case, having dogs in the office simply wouldn’t work. However, in certain offices, having a dog would be very well suited to the working environment.

Obviously only well behaved dogs should be allowed, because no one will get any work done with mischievous dogs wreaking havoc all over the place. Calm and obedient dogs would be a welcomed addition to many offices.

If having numerous dogs isn’t an option, then even just bringing one dog in on a daily basis would help cheer everyone up. In some offices, the boss is the only person who brings their dog to work and the employees are happy with that because they appreciate the canine company.

What do you think? We want to know everyone’s thoughts on whether or not some offices should be more dog friendly. Would you be happy to take your dog into work? Feel free to share your comments and suggestions below, or start a discussion on our Facebook page.


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