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Why dog grooming is important

Keeping your dog in top condition is vital, though many dog owners don’t realise the significance of grooming your dog and the connection to better pet health. Grooming is not purely concerned with making your dog look good, it can have a significant effect on your dog’s health and quality of life.

When someone usually thinks of grooming their dog, they commonly start with their dog’s coat. Dogs should be brushed on a frequent basis, principally if they are long haired breeds. This will remove knots and tangles in their hair and also remove any dirt which may be present. Matting and dirt build up can advance to skin irritations if not sorted out fairly swiftly, which can cause irritation for your pet. Furthermore it can sometimes lead to more significant health problems further down the line. Moreover fleas are a universal problem in dogs and by monitoring your dog’s hair you can keep fleas in check. Longer haired dog breeds will profit from having their coat trimmed regularly, chiefly around the ears and eye’s to avoid weeping. There are a broad variety of dog-grooming brushes and combs on the market, designed to suit different coats. There are also products like Frontline which is a powerful flea spot-on flea treatment. A whole host of detangling products are available on this website.

Another key aspect of dog-grooming is bathing. This should be carried out on a monthly basis and at any other time when your dog may have become exceptionally dirty. It is always a good idea to use a dog shampoo rather than human shampoo. This is because these products are mild and designed to care for a dog’s coat. There is a wide range available. Johnson’s do a comprehensive range of dog shampoo products. This includes tea tree shampoo, coal shampoo, along with other varieties designed to treat a number of canine complaints. Furthermore bathing a dog also helps you notice any other injuries such as lumps, cuts and scratches.

Most dog owners will know how difficult it is keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. There are lots of dog chews and bone pet products available in pet stores, which help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Nevertheless it is suggested that a dog’s teeth are cleaned properly on occasion. You will find that toothbrushes and tooth paste products are available online and in pet stores. If however you find this a real struggle, then your vet should be able to give you advice, or else there are professional grooming professionals available to complete this task. However this can be costly. If not, then give your dog regular teeth cleaning dental sticks. Pedigree does a great range of these products.

If your dog is energetic and spends lots of time outdoors, then nail clipping might not be necessary, however for smaller dogs it is essential. This is because long nails on a dog can be dangerous to you, other people and household furniture. You must ensure that you use the correct dog nail clippers and do not cut down too far.

To conclude, dog-grooming is good for your dog, it will also improve the cleanliness of your home too. This is especially true if your dog is prone to shedding. Moreover grooming your dog will also create a special bond between you and your dog. They will feel loved and special. Overall, everyone (humans and pets) feel healthier and happier when we look good. A clean dog is a happy dog.


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