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Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads When We Talk To Them?

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All dog owners are familiar with their dogs doing that adorable head tilt thing. When we speak to our dogs, sometimes they will tilt their head from side to side, as if they are trying to make out what we are saying.It usually happens when you talk to them or when they hear a strange sound.

This is one of the sweetest things that dogs do, and there are many videos on Youtube showing dogs doing the head tilt. Check out this super cute compilation of dogs doing the head tilt by.

So why do dogs tilt their heads? How does it help them digest information more easily? There are numerous different reasons as to why dogs might tilt their heads. Stanley Coren, a canine expert did some research on head tilting. He concluded that dogs cock their heads to try and see us better.

A dog’s muzzle can get in the way of them viewing a person's entire face, so they tilt their heads to try and see more of our expression. Some dogs have more problems with this than others, dogs with longer muzzles are more likely to tilt their heads as their vision is hindered by their muzzle.

Breeds with flatter faces such as Boston Terriers and Pekinese may not need to tilt their heads. In a study that Coren conducted 71% of people with large muzzle dogs reported that their dogs tilted their heads, compared to only 52% of owners with flat faced dogs.

If you hold a clenched fist in front of your nose, then you can get a good idea of what it might be like for a dog to look straight ahead. Other experts have suggested that dogs tilt their heads to show us that they are listening, and to try and perceive what we are saying.

Dogs might have also learn’t over time to tilt their heads because they get positive feedback from their owner when they do it. It gets them attention and we often show we approve by changing the tone of our voice or giving them a treat, just because they look so darn cute.

Dogs have far better hearing than humans, which is why it might seem odd that they appear to struggle to hear things. Although they do have better hearing, they aren’t as good at detecting the source of a sound as precisely as humans. Hence why they might tilt their heads in order to locate the sound better.


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