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Why Crossbreeds Are Becoming So Popular

Opinions on crossbreeds certainly seem to have changed over the years. People used to turn their nose up at ‘mutts’ but are now starting to see some of their positive points. Here are some of the reasons that could have contributed to the growth in popularity of crossbreeds.

Part of the reason why crossbreeds are becoming so popular is many of them have been turned into sought after dogs. Designer crossbreeds have been created with many loyal fans. Poodle crosses are extremely popular at the moment. Some of the top crossbreeds are poodle crosses such as cockapoos, labradoodles, goldendoodle and cavapoos.


As with many things, celebrities seem to influence what is popular and it’s no different with dogs. If a celebrity is seen with a crossbreed then of course that dog will become more sought after. For example, Tiger Woods, Jeremy Clarkson and Jennifer Anniston all have labradoodles.


With crossbreeds you get a mix of characteristics from the breeds they are mixed with. For example if you cross a collie with a husky you might get some of the herding characteristics of the collie combined with the endurance and stamina of the husky. With crossbreeds you just don’t know what their temperament will turn out like, it’s a bit of a lottery. Some people find this interesting and enjoy seeing their dog display traits from different breeds.


With crossbreeds there are so many different types of dogs to choose from. As there are so many dog breeds we can create a wide range of different variations. However, this does unfortunately encourage people to breed dogs that really should not be mated. People will go to any lengths to create the next big crossbreed and thats not a good enough reason to do it. For example, the creator of the labradoodle, Wally Conron first mixed the labrador and the poodle to help a blind woman whose husband was allergic to most dogs.


Somecrossbreeds are not valued as highly as purebred dogs so they are usually a great deal cheaper. However, some designer crossbreeds such as the cockapoo are becoming more expensive because they are so in demand. Some owners will pay up to £2000 for a designer cross breed.


Pedigree dogs have been bred for a specific purpose. They have particular characteristics that are desirable to help them do a job. Therefore, purebred dogs tend to have slightly more specific and set temperaments. Crossbreeds will have a mixture of different characteristics and can often have a more even temperament. However, as will all dogs you never really know exactly what they are going to turn out like. Cross breeds can have any number of the characteristics from the breeds they are crossed with. They might end up with a mix of both or be more like one of the breeds, it’s difficult to tell.


The genes of crossbreeds are far more diverse, so they have a mix of unrelated genes. Dogs that are bred from the same gene pool can often have a very specific look and similar health issues. If dogs were left to naturally breed they wouldn’t produce unusual shaped dogs such as pugs. They would have physical features that are more beneficial. It is often suggested that crossbreeds have less healthy issues so many people find them appeal for this reason.


Another reason why some crossbreeds have become so popular is because they are pitched as hypoallergenic. However, this isn’t always the case and owners are often missold. With crossbreeds such as labradoodles their coats vary so much that you can never guarantee that they won’t malt or are completely hypoallergenic.


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