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Why Cats Make Great Pets

Cats have made excellent pets for humans for a long time. It is believed that they were first domesticated around 5,000 years ago. Since then they have made their way into our lives and cemented their place as an ideal pet. After dogs, they are the second most popular pet. However, cats are far less demanding than some other pets such as dogs. They are magical creatures who enhance our lives with joy, love and companionship. Here’s why cats make great pets.

They don’t need to be walked

don’t need to be walked for hours each day. All you have to do is let them out in your garden, play with them or let them roam your neighborhood. If you don’t fancy walking a dog every single day then perhaps a cat would be a much better choice.


They are very clean

Cats are naturally very clean animals. They spend a lot of time preening themselves and licking their fur to keep it nice and clean. They generally aren’t very destructive and don’t tend to make much mess.


They get rid of pests

Cats tend to keep your house and garden clear of pets such as rats and mice. They often like to spend their time hunting and may even bring you home the occasional ‘gift’.


They are great company

Cats are happy to snuggle up next to you all day long. They are excellent company, you will definitely feel less lonely with a cat around. They can be very affectionate and loving towards their owners.


They are entertaining

Cats can do the strangest things. One thing is for sure, if you have a cat they will not fail to keep you entertained. They chase after things, hide in peculiar places and display all sorts of fascinating behaviours.


They are independent

Compared to dogs, cats are very independent. They don’t need to you do everything for them and they are happy to spend a lot of their time snoozing in their favourite spot. Some cats can be quite aloof and won’t demand your attention all the time.


They can improve your health

Cats can help to improve your health. People who have cats have been shown to have lower levels of stress, improved immune systems and lower blood pressure. Stroking a cat can be very therapeutic and relaxing.


They are quiet

Cats are very quiet creatures who are often happy to mind their own business. They are no where near as noisy as dogs who tend to bark a lot. Although you might hear the occasional meow cats aren’t particularly noisy or vocal.


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