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Why Are People With Pets Likely To Live Longer?

Various studies have suggested that people who own a pet tend to live longer. can really make a difference to our lives and change us for the better. Some pets are even used as therapy animals in hospitals and nursing homes to help improve the quality of life of residents.

There is nothing better than coming home and getting a greeting from your favourite pet. There are lots of different reasons to get a pet, but one of the best reasons is because they make you healthier and happier.

Some pets such as and horses require a fair amount of exercise. That means going out and exercising every day. Keeping fit is a great way of staying healthy and having some pets encourages you to do more exercise. Walking your dog is a brilliant form of exercise, it’s a low intensity, low impact exercise that helps to keep your heart healthy.

Studies on pet owners such as one conducted by the Medical Journal of Australia have shown that pet owners have reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels than those who don’t. Pets can also help us deal with stress and illnesses such as depression. It has also been reported that pet owners recover quicker from serious illnesses, as well as being less likely to suffer heart attacks.

If you own a pet you are also more likely to get up and about and leave the house more often. This might simply include doing things like playing with your pet or popping out to get them some treats, toys and pet food. Playing with pets such as dogs, and encourages you to move about and be more active.

Best of all pets entertain us and make us laugh more, laughter triggers chemicals in the brain that enhance our immune function. Having a pet around generally improves your mood and gives you a focus. A lot people with depression find having a pet really helps give them a sense of purpose and they enjoy having something to care for.


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