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Whiskas Cat Food and Rescue Cats

Cute kittens tend to find homes easily. Few people can resist adorable kittens but sadly there are always thousands of adult cats waiting for good homes. If you are keen to welcome a new feline friend into your life then do consider taking one of the wonderful cats that are waiting to be adopted. Not only will you be helping the animal, you could be helping yourself too.

The Sensible Choice

When you first meet a kitten it is likely to be so sweet that you will fall in love with it regardless of its personality or what sort of cat it is. You will stop thinking rationally and your emotions will take over. This is a great shame because there are many practical considerations that should never be overlooked and a successful relationship with your pet could depend on making a sensible choice.

Making a Connection

When you meet adult cats at a rescue centre their personalities have developed and the staff at the centre will be able to give you a good idea of what the animal is like. If you are looking for an affectionate lap cat then there is no point choosing an aloof animal that prefers its own company. You will be able to interact with the cat you are interested in to explore its nature and to see if there is a natural connection between you.

The Perfect Match

The rescue centre may also know about the cat’s background and will be able to tell you if it is used to living with other cats, if it is troubled by dogs and if it is happy being around children. If you would prefer a cat that stays in the house then don’t adopt an animal that loves the great outdoors. On the other hand if you are out at work all day, then a cat which enjoys exploring the neighbourhood could be a better choice as they won’t get so bored.

Some cats find themselves in need of a home because their owners have died, they have emigrated or their circumstances have changed. Other cats may have been the victims of cruelty and these felines cat be more challenging to look after. Whilst troubled cats are a major project you may find that nurturing one of these animals is a hugely rewarding experience that you wouldn’t have wanted to miss.

You should also bear in mind that some breeds are more difficult to live with or more time consuming to care for. Long haired varieties require grooming whilst oriental breeds can be very vocal. You should ask yourself which attributes you would value and which you would soon tire of coping with. Many rescue cats are easier to care for from the outset because they already know how to use a litter tray or a cat flap.

Whiskas Cat Food and Dietary Considerations

Do make sure to find out what they have been eating whilst at the rescue centre as this could make life easier for you when you get home, If they have been eating Whiskas cat food, for instance, you know that they won’t reject this food and that could save you money on wasted purchases. Some cats will eat anything, others are not so straightforward. If they have been eating Whiskas cat food then other brands may be rejected, at least initially. On the other hand if they have been fed only Whiskas, they may fancy a change. You will soon find out!

By taking on board all the available information, asking the right questions and taking the time to meet some rescue cats, you should be able to find a fabulous pet that suits your lifestyle, your home and the rest of your family.


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