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When You And Your Partner Like Different Breeds Of Dog

When You And Your Partner Like Different Breeds Of Dog

Unfortunately not everyone likes the same dog breeds. Dog lovers will usually check one thing before they consider dating someone, whether or not they like dogs. This will usually also involve a test, their dog has to like their new partner, or it’s a no go.

We all grow up with certain breeds and types of dogs, which means we naturally develop an affection for them. When you meet someone and find out you like completely different dog breeds, it can be frustrating. If you want to get a dog together, it can seem like an impossible task to decide on the right breed. The last thing you want to do is get a dog that one of you doesn’t particularly warm to, because it’s just unfair on the dog.

If you and your partner have totally different ideas about what dogs are cute, then don’t despair. We are blessed with so many different types of dog, that there will be one dog breed that’s right for you. You just need to decide what qualities you both like in a dog, and find a compromise.

Don’t forget to consider cross breeds, because they can be a perfect mix of two different dogs. You might even be able to combine dogs that you both like in a mix. For example, if one of you likes labradors and the other likes poodles, getting a labradoodle is always an option.

Rescue dogs are also a good idea for people who aren’t sure which breed they want. You can choose a rescue dog based on their behavioural traits and personality, rather than simply on what they look like. You might find a dog that neither of you have come across before, but you both love. Rescue centres contain all sorts of dogs, fluffy and skinny, tiny and large. You are bound to find one dog that you both like somewhere.

Whilst it’s nice to get the same breed of dog that you grew up with, don’t be afraid to branch out. You might find there is another breed that is better suited to your lifestyle, rather than your parents. Research all the different dog breeds and consider other breeds that you and your partner might like. Try not to be stubborn, and have an open mind, and you will find it easier to come to an agreement.
Go to places together where you can see lots of breeds of dogs. For example, rescue centres, dog shows and even your local dog park. You can then get to know different types of dog, and you will both have a better idea of what you like. It’s nice to eventually find a breed that neither of you know that well, but you both end up falling in love with.


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