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When Is The Best Time To Adopt A Dog?

Thousands of dogs are euthanized in shelters each year in the UK, meaning adopting a rescue dog can save a life.

Many abandoned dogs end up being home by charities such as The Blue Cross and RSPCA, as well as shelter homes like Battersea Dogs Home.

The organisations work alongside the council to look after and make hopeful rehoming attempts for their animals, yet inevitably not all of them make it.

Why you should foster a dog?

Rescuing a dog can not only save its life, but also benefit the lives of its owners. The satisfaction of adopting a rescue pet is also significantly higher than that of buying a puppy.

The adoption schemes are now helping to drive down the success of puppy mills, who still manage to unethically breed the animals and filter them through high street pet retailers for consumer purchase.

All adopted dogs are fully screened. This eliminates the cost of vaccinating, spaying or neutering your canine, meaning your new dog can move in without a worry. Plus, some rescue centres will spay or neuter your pooch, which also saves £££ and stops any unwanted puppies.

Owners further have the choice between ages, breeds and genders when choosing their rescue. Many animal shelters will house puppies, adults and seniors available for adoption.

In addition to their age, a variety of breeds to choose from means that people looking to adopt can find the perfect match to their lifestyle.

Whether you are an active person interested in rescuing a dog needing regular exercise, or an older individual after some company, organisations will cater for all your needs and pair you with the most compatible option.

Differing dog breeds can appeal to various individuals and families, and it is important to do your research before adopting. For example, an active family may be better suited to a younger canine or athletic breed like a Labrador.

In contrast, an older individual who may be looking simply for a rescue a dog as a companion may be more interested in a breed like a spaniel or smaller pooch of perhaps a terrier breed.

Benefits of the dog rescue system likewise mean dogs can be tested, via fostering programmes create by their shelters. The schemes allow potential owners to test whether their new pooches will fit into their family, before paperwork is signed.

Homes like Battersea offer adopting program packs, which includes everything from veterinary and behaviour assessments to microchipping, an identification tag and a collar. In addition to pre-adoption perks, a month’s worth of Petplan insurance is also included.

What it's like to own a rescue dog

Ensuring that a rescue dog is the right fit for you is crucial and can often underpin the success of an adoption. As shelter homes track the progress of their beloved animals, they can also feel disappointed when seeing a canine return.

However, when the right dog and owner are perfectly paired, the relationship is like no other. Not only will your new pooch be grateful of your decision, but it will also free up space at its shelter home for a newly abandoned animal.

Yes, rescue dogs are usually damaged goods, yet with time and care they can be just as loving as any other pooch. You might have to put in a bit of extra training with some pooches, but it’s so rewarding and so worth it. Some rescue dogs are also rehomed through no fault of their own, for example a family break up or their owner has been forced to move somewhere where they can’t keep a dog.

It’s important to keep in mind, just like any dog, how much time and energy a rescue dog can need. Due to their unpleasant past, some rescue dogs can often require more attention than your usual pooch. However, when you go to the rescue centre you can talk to the staff about behavioural issues that you are willing to consider, and problems that you just aren’t happy to deal with, such as separation anxiety or aggression towards other dogs.

Most dog homes do offer lifetime advice for rescue dog owners, meaning people can be reassured with professional help. Their expert team are only an email or phone call away at most times, offering top quality pet support when you are in need.

When is the best time to rescue?

Timing is also everything when it comes to rescue dogs, whether it be your financial status or when your household is settled and comfortable for an extra animal.

Rescue dogs can nevertheless prove cheaper initially than purchasing a puppy, with all of the funds going to charitable causes, an attractive aspect to all newbie dog owners.

Although, a person’s financial capabilities is still an essential factor to consider when adopting a canine, as dogs can be an expensive pet. Whether it’s their food, toys and beds or their veterinary check-ups, being prepared for costly responsibilities is a must.

Many owners also attempt to match their lifestyle with the breed and age of their new pet, helped significantly by homes such as Battersea, who spend invaluable time pairing the two parties for successful rehoming.

The time of year can further affect the best periods to adopt a dog, and festive months such as December are prone to produce higher levels of abandonment – meaning more dogs are available to choose from. But consider carefully whether it’s the right time to bring home a rescue dog.

You need to select a time when your household is calm, and everyone that’s going to be a part of the dog’s life is around to bond with them. Christmas for example can be hectic and may not be an ideal time to bring home a new pooch.

Think about your upcoming commitments. For example, do you plan to go on holiday an time soon? Most rescue centres won’t let you adopt a dog if you are going on holiday in the next month or so, simply because it’s not fair to bring a new dog home and then leave them. It’s so important to wait until the timing is right and you are ready to take on such a big commitment.

Whether you are looking to rescue a dog as a companion, or simply to help save an animal’s life, the adoption systems established by organisations such as RSPCA, The Blue Cross and Battersea Dogs Home can create the ideal match for any dog lover.


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