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When Does Dog Grooming Go Too Far?

Dog grooming is essential for some dogs. Some breeds need to be groomed every four to six weeks in order to keep the coats in good condition. If a dog is not groomed and brushed regularly their coat can become matted and uncomfortable. Many owners accept that is part of owning a dog, but it seems others can take things a bit too far.

Some dogs have to go through hours of grooming just to achieve a certain look. It can be exhausting for the dog going through this process, which is upsetting when it is not a necessity. The main purpose of grooming a dog is to keep their hair free from matts, out of their face and eyes and to make sure they are generally comfortable. However, modern dog grooming occasionally takes things too far.

Creative dog grooming is when stylists cut, colour and style dogs hair in unusual ways. For example some dogs are groomed so that they look like other animals, such as bears, tigers and lions. Pictures of these dogs get shared all over social media because people are amazed at the transformations. Unfortunately the general public really don’t know how much the dogs are put through in order to achieve these looks.

There is no problem with doing this if it doesn’t cause the dog any discomfort, but some of these transformations can take over five hours to complete. Would you want to stand still for five hours while someone tugs at your hair, sprays you purple and trims your hair into a strange cut? There is a lot of debate in the industry over creative dog grooming. It’s difficult to decide at what point dog grooming goes too far and is unnecessary.

Creative dog groomers would argue that the dogs get breaks, all the ingredients are dog friendly and the dogs don’t seem to mind at all. However, does this still make it OK? The dogs can’t tell us to stop or say that they are feeling unhappy. They can convey how they are feeling with their body language, but often the warning signs go unnoticed.

Sure, what some of these groomers are able to achieve is amazing, but at what cost? They might get recognition for their handiwork but the dog probably didn't enjoy the process very much. What do you think? Are these pictures examples of dog grooming gone too far or are they amazing works of art? Feel free to comment and give you opinion below.

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