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When 6 guinea pigs became 52!

A couple who bought six guinea pigs now have 52 pets! They had believed that all of the guinea pigs were female but they were wrong!

Husband and wife Mark and Sophie Mason bought themselves 6 guinea pigs but when they returned from their honeymoon, they felt that four of them had gained weight. The animals were examined by a vet and it quickly became clear that one of them was male and had impregnated four of the females.

Furry family in Lincoln

The couple from Lincoln now have 52 guinea pigs – 46 adults and six babies. It takes 8 hours a day to care for the furry family and the cost of food is £250 per month. Mark and Sophie are happy about their new family as they feel the pets have helped them to deal with stress. Sophie has always loved guinea pigs and enjoys looking after them.

Mason’s Cavies Sanctuary

Happily, the guinea pigs now have their own sanctuary at the couple’s home which has been named . The pets have garnered thousands of fans via Facebook with Sophie posting updates regularly.

Caring for her pets sees Sophie cutting up huge quantities of vegetables, washing the towels the animals sleep on and changing water bottles. Her washing machine sees plenty of action as the guinea pigs are kept on towels. The shed in which they live is topped up with hay every day and the couple have to invest in significant quantities of guinea pig pellets to ensure that the animals benefit from a healthy diet.
In an attempt to keep their costs under control, Mark and Sophie buy wonky vegetables at their local supermarket which are offered at lower prices. It’s nice to know that the guinea pigs are playing their part in popularising veg which might otherwise go to waste.

Special characters

The Lincoln brood is made up of several different breeds. Sophie says that each guinea pig is an individual and she loves their little quirks. She doesn’t find caring for them to be a chore and enjoys spending time with animals that she believes relieve her stress.

Since the unexpected pregnancies, the Masons have rescued guinea pigs from across the country, some of which had been abused. Mason’s Cavies now puts some of the animals up for adoption and the couple are involved in educating others how to look after these appealing pets.

Keep your guinea pig family under control

52 guinea pigs! That is some undertaking for any family but the Masons have turned a potentially difficult situation into their life’s work. They benefit, the guinea pigs have a great life and even the family dog enjoys his piggie friends.

We wouldn’t recommend allowing your pet guinea pigs to breed. You never know how many you are going to end up with and there are many animals at shelters who already need new homes. Adopting guinea pigs is far more rewarding and these little cuties are relatively inexpensive to care for - as long as you don’t have too many!


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