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What You Need to Know – Updates to the Pet Industry in 2018

Every year different pet laws come into place and will affect pet owners, sellers, product manufacturers and kennel owners. Everyone needs to keep abreast of current legislature when it comes to doing the best by our furry friends.

And 2018 has been a busy year! Read on for some of the key updates from last year...

Brexit Concerns

Even in the world of pet ownership you can’t escape that dreaded ‘B’-word.

We’ve been drip-fed slightly worrying information for anyone whose pets accompany them when they travel abroad.

A “No Deal” is set to trigger a massive wait for UK pet owners travelling to Europe. As with many other industries, dropping out of the EU without a deal will throw all of the laws set in place to facilitate travelling with our perfect pets.

Where we used to board a plane or ferry with ease (needing only an EU pet passport, microchip, rabies vaccination and tapeworm treatment for dogs), however pet owners could have to get their pets inoculated a massive FOUR MONTHS before they travel to a European country if UK pull out of the EU. (If you’re planning a trip abroad, check out our here, too.)

Keep an eye on the site for more information and updates as our Brexit situation becomes clearer.

This Job is the Cat’s Pyjamas

On a more positive travelling note, August saw the publication of an amazing job offer: living on a small Greek island called Syros, looking after a cat sanctuary’s felines for only four hours a day!

Although the part-time job only pays £320 per month, the perks included a ‘free’ home whilst you babysit, featuring stunning views of the Aegean Sea, and all expenses paid. Unsurprisingly, the owners of God’s Little People Cat Rescue were inundated with offers, with a monumental 16,000 comments on the job’s Facebook thread. Now that’s a response!

New Rules Throw Dog Carers into Confusion

Owners of doggy day care providers, dog home boarders, kennels, and catteries were made anxious by regulation updates, saying on social media that these ‘non-sensical’ updates will threaten their livelihoods.

New animal activities regulations came into force on October 1st, ostensibly to improve animal welfare, particularly surrounding puppy sales. The rules seem to have been written with massive providers in mind but throw a spanner in the works for small business owners, as suddenly they will have to provide one room per dog.

They argue that unscrupulous businesses will carry on regardless, while small providers who care most will be hit hardest.

On the upside, the new laws should outlaw the horrific conditions at ‘’ - you will only be able to buy a pup directly from the breeder or from a rescue home.

To finish on positive news, let’s hear it for Tyrina Gibson, a vet nurse who has won the British Vet Nurse of the Year award! Hats off to Tyrina!


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