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What You Need to Know About Rabbits

Adorable, cute, affordable and low maintenance, rabbits are the perfect pets for families, right? Well, maybe not, actually! There are few things that you need to know before you invest in a bunny because, like most animals, rabbits take some looking after. There is a reason why so many are abandoned every year. So here’s the low-down on bunny ownership.

Rabbits are Sociable


Yes your rabbit may well enjoy your company but he or she would prefer another bunny to bond with. You need two rabbits unless you have all day to play with your pet. A boy and a girl are the best paring but do get them neutered as soon as possible because you know what they say about breeding like...........well you get the picture!


If a mixed pair isn’t available, then a same sex partnership might work but put them together when they are young and remember that they will need time to get used to each other.


Rabbits Need Space


Inappropriate housing will result in unhappy and possibly aggressive rabbits. They should not be confined to a hutch and so will require the provision of a sizeable run. Rabbits need more space than you might think so they will take up a large portion of your garden but there will be less lawn to mow!


Bunny Houdinis


Rabbits will seize any opportunity to escape so one careless moment will result in a bunny on the missing list. You can avoid your rodents going rogue by ensuring that they are always properly secured. Murphy’s law is sure to be operating at all times meaning that if your rabbit does a runner you will be miles away at the time. A reliable friend or neighbour should always be on stand-by to launch a search party.


Speedy Gonrabbits


Bunnies are surprisingly nifty on their feet so chasing down an escapee can be difficult. They are about as cooperative as a cat when you are trying to round them up.


Rabbits are Messy


A pair of rabbits will produce an incredible volume of poo. A few bunnies may learn to use a litter tray but most will merely sleep in it!


Rabbits are Expensive


With two rabbits you are in for some serious vets’ bills as they must both be neutered and vaccinated and could require treatment if they get sick or injured during their lives. Then there is food and bedding to budget for.


Your Rabbits Might Not Like You


At least they might not enjoy being picked up and cuddled. If you try to force them to endure your attentions, you are going to get scratched.


The Good News


So rabbits are expensive and time consuming. They may also be less friendly than you had hoped. But we should also add that they are, indeed, cute! They have great personalities and if you are up for the work involved, bunnies are wonderful pets that the whole family will enjoy. Just make sure it isn’t always you that has to deal with the poo!


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