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What To Get Your Pets This Christmas? A Guide To Our Top Gifts

We all love Christmas, but as well as shopping for close family and friends, what gifts can you get for your beloved pets?

There aren’t many pets that don’t get a little extra attention at Christmas time. Whether it’s a small carving of roast turkey or some chewy treats, they certainly bring us pleasure and joy throughout the year. It’s because of this that they should be rewarded when the gifts are presented on Christmas day - so make sure you don’t leave them out.

Here are some great ideas for presents that will give your pet lots of excitement and make their day that little bit more enjoyable.

Doggy delights

For the dog, it has to be something that tastes great or squeaks. On the tasty side, how about a dog stocking; full of doggy chocolate drops, rawhide rolls, choc chip cookies, dinner delights and their very own vinyl cracker. Smaller dogs and pups can work their way through their own special stocking to keep their gums and teeth bright and healthy.

As to squeakers, well you’re spoilt for choice. There’s an amazing selection of squeaky toys available, from polar bears and penguins, to little piglets that oink, and even a Santa Meerkat as well.

Of course, there’s no reason why Christmas shouldn’t start early for your four legged friend too; how about a dog advent calendar. From doggy mince pies, Christmas crackers filled with treats, to their very own chocolate orange – man’s best friend couldn’t want for more.

Presents for the cat

Next up it’s the cat, so how about a Christmas stocking for them too? The whole effort of opening it themselves may be a bit of an imposition, but with a bit of help from you they will have endless fun with the contents.

To encourage a bit of exercise, what about a Christmas pudding, or a soft squidgy ball - ideal for throwing around and chasing too.

Cat scratchers are always a good choice, especially if they combine the scratch with a place to hide or added shelves or a platform. For something extra special, how about a two tier scratcher with incorporated hammock for when all that scratching’s worn the poor thing out.

Smaller animals

The little ones are easy; you can never have too many fruit or veg sticks and they are available in a multitude of flavours specially formulated in both taste and texture to appeal to each species of small animal. From rabbits and hamsters to gerbils and guinea pigs, there is plenty available to choose from.

For a bigger present what about a new tunnel to explore, or even a playground with different set ups? This will encourage your pet to engage in new challenges each and every day.

Don’t forget the horse

For the horse, a new and fresh blanket is always a good shout, but for instant appeal, if you’re not prepared to risk the carpets by bringing them indoors for the day, you can never go wrong with a bag of carrots or a special horse treat.

There are plenty of options for treats and they are available in a variety of flavours and guaranteed to keep the boredom at bay when in the stable.

For ponies and horses that need to watch their diet, there are also lots of other treats available that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals. If you can find something that’s crunchy and full of flavour with the added benefit of being high in fibre and low in starches and sugars, then you’re onto a winner.

So, let’s make Christmas special for the whole family, not just the two legged members, but the four legged ones as well. They may not understand what’s going on around them, but they’re sure to have a lot of fun during this magical time.


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