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What To Expect On Your First Trip To The Groomers

The best thing you can do to get your dog used to the groomers is to take them from an early age. Then they can get used to the whole process including brushing, bathing, drying and styling. If your dog has never been to the groomers before then be aware that they might not settle in straight away. Some dogs need to be slowly introduced to the different aspects of the grooming experience, for example you can bring your dog in for a bath a few times before they have a full groom.

What Groom Do You Want?

Before you go think about the type of groom you want. How short or long do you want your dog’s coat to be? Have a look at pictures of your dog’s breed online and pick a style that you like. This will save time and any confusion when you get to the groomers as they will know exactly what you want done.

Does Your Dog Have Any Health Issues

It’s important to tell the groomer about any health issues that your dog has. This is because they may need to be careful of certain areas during the grooming process, use a special hypoallergenic shampoo or keep an eye out for any symptoms. Often many people forget to mention health issues, but lots of groomers will ask anyway.

There Will Be Other Dogs Around

You need to be aware that other dogs will be around in the grooming parlour. Grooming professionals will always keep dogs completely separate, so they never come into contact with each other. However, if your dog is aggressive towards other dogs you should let them know so that they can take extra precautions.

Drop & Pick Up

You will need to drop your dog off and agree a time with the groomer to pick your dog up. Be aware that it could take a good few hours so that you can block enough time out of your day.

Perfume Preferences?

Most grooming salons will use a doggy perfume which will leave your pooch smelling fantastic after their groom. Some people don’t like perfumes being used, and some dogs are sensitive to perfume so let the groomer know your preferences.

Add Ons

It’s not just bathing and trimming that goes on at the groomers, there are other services that are provided. You can get added extras such as paw scrubs, massages, ear cleaning, nail clipping and anal glands. Some places will charge extra and some will include it in the price of their full groom.


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