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What To Do If Cold Weather Prevents Walking The Dog

What To Do If Cold Weather Prevents Walking The Dog

Sometimes, in extreme cases, people are unable to walk their dogs because of adverse weather conditions. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t fancy braving the cold that it’s OK not to walk your dog. If it’s safe, and you are perfectly able to walk your dog then there’s no excuses.

However, sometimes the weather can cause dangerous conditions, and for some people it’s too hazardous to head outside on a dog walk. If this happens to you this winter (which is supposed to be particularly cold), here are some solutions and ways in which you can exercise your dog.

Play indoors

There’s plenty of games you can play inside your home. Don’t let your dog become frustrated, provide them with things to do. Buy them some exciting new toys to play with or play some indoor games such as hide and seek. This should help your dog to burn off some energy and pent up frustration from having to stay inside.

Agility indoors

You could set up a basic agility course indoors provided you have the space. Even if you don’t have specific agility equipment you can improvise with some objects you have around the house. There are also also indoor agility classes that you can take your dog to.

Playtime with another dog

You could always invite another dog round that gets on with your dog really well and they can play together. They can play games inside such as tug of war, or simply play together for a while. This is an excellent way of providing your dog with some physical activity, plus it’s great for their social skills.

Obedience training and tricks

Obedience training may not be an intensive form of exercise for dogs, but it still gets their body moving and their brain working. Run through some basic obedience commands and try and teach your dog a few new tricks.

Get a dog walker to take them

If you are unable to walk your dog yourself, you should get a dog walker to do it. This way, your dog doesn’t miss out and can still stay fit and healthy. If you are not physically able to walk your dog for a period of time then you will need to find someone else to do it for you.

Take them to daycare

If the weather is too severe to take your dog out you could always let them spend a day in day care instead. They can play and interact with the other dogs and will get plenty of exercise.

Scent work

You could also play some scent games inside. Hide some treats or toys around your home and get your dog to sniff them out. This is a fun rainy day activity for both you and your dog.


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