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What Is It Like To Work At A Dog Rescue Centre?

What Is It Like To Work At A Dog Rescue Centre?

A lot of dog lovers would love to work at a dog rescue centre. At lots of the more well known dog rescue centres such as The Dog’s Trust and The RSPCA, there is a long waiting list just to help walk the dogs.

Work at a dog rescue centre can be very rewarding and it’s lovely to spend time with dogs. However, it’s hard work and you can see some very sad cases. You also have to occasionally deal with dogs being put down if they are really unwell or aggressive towards people, which is never easy.

This can be too much for some people to handle, especially when they come across a serious case of neglect. It’s depressing knowing that some people treat animals so badly.However, you know that you are helping lots of dogs recover and learn that humans aren’t all that bad.

It’s not all fun and games playing with the dogs all day. Staff working at rescue centres have to feed all the dogs, clean their kennels and also help with paperwork. Some dogs can be very difficult to deal with, so you need to have some knowledge of canine behaviour. It’s important for your own safety to spot the signs of a nervous or potentially dangerous dog.

You also get to see the good side of things, when dogs get rehomed and find their forever home.You will build strong relationships with some of the dogs at the rescue centre, and you have to be prepared to say goodbye when they go off to their new home.

However, there’s no better feeling than watching a dog that has had a really rough start in life go off to a loving home. There will be good days and bad days, but the main thing is you will be making a difference. Running these dog rescue centres is costly, with vet bills and dog food and equipment things can get expensive.

Some of these rescue centres need all the help they can get. Sure, the bigger rescue brands have plenty of interest, but what about the smaller ones? Have a look for dog rescue centres that are local to you and contact them to see if they need any help.
You can help in a number of different ways, from dog walking and cleaning kennels to fundraising and helping run promotional events. Just giving a few hours of your time can make a big difference. You will get to meet lots of other dog lovers and people involved with the rescue centre and work together towards a common goal, to help the dogs.


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