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What Is It Like To Train A Rescue Dog?

Although getting a rescue dog is hard work and a big challenge, it is a brilliant thing to do and there are lots of lovely dogs out there needing a forever home. However it is important to be aware of the hard work that could lie ahead. Some rescue dogs are obviously much easier to deal with, but there are also dogs with a complicated past that need to be given a chance. Through no fault of their own they have been given a tough start to life and this has shaped their behaviour and expectations. If you are thinking of giving a rescue dog a loving home then here are some things you will need to consider.


Rescue dogs don't just change overnight, and that's why so many of them get return before they get a chance to prove themselves. For some dogs it might take a few days to settle in and see an improvement in behaviour, and for other it can take years. You will need to dedicate a fair amount of time to training your dog and taking them to behaviour classes. Other fun activities such as agility or flyball can also help get rid of some energy and keep your new pooch happy.


There might be some hurdles along the way and you will definitely be tested. Your new rescue dog might go to the toilet in your home, chew your carpet or steal some food. Theses are things that they can be trained out of in time. Some of these behaviours might only occur because they are in a completely new place with new people. Anxious and nervous dogs can be more destructive and may go to the toilet because of stress. Try and work with your dog to help them to settle into their new home and remember you will need to be patient.


Your new rescue dog might be a little unsure of it's new surroundings and the people it comes into contact with. The bond between a dog and it's owner is crucial, and this is the key to a happy rescue dog. Spend lots of time walking, playing with your dog and teaching it new things and you will soon build an unbreakable bond. In time your new dog will completely rely on you and will trust and protect you.


There is no better feeling for a pet owner than turning a dog around, especially the dogs that have a particularly rough ride. Witness the change for yourself and go and get a rescue dog instead of a new puppy. You can get rescue dogs of all ages depending on your requirements. There are lots of young rescue dogs available as well as older dogs if you want an elderly companion. Once you get your new dog and put in the time and effort, the result will be a wonderful new addition to your family who will love you unconditionally.


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