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What Is It Like To Own A Ferret?

Ferrets are naturally inquisitive creatures that often have a mischievous side. Many ferret owners say they are somewhere in between a cat and a dog, with characteristics of both. Ferrets can make wonderful pets in the right home. However, they are certainly not easy animals to look after.

Ferrets have a huge amount of energy, a lot of the time they will be investigating things and bouncing off the walls. They do also spend quite a lot of time sleeping, you will be surprised by how long they can snooze for.  When they are awake and active ferrets can provide hours of entertainment with their hilarious antics. Ferrets are very cute little animals but don’t let this fool you, they can have a cheeky side too. All ferrets are very different, they can have totally unique personalities so it’s hard to determine how your young ferret might turn out. Some are far more playful than others, some are shy and some are very bold and boisterous.

If you own a ferret then you will probably have noticed that they are extremely intelligent. They are excellent problem solvers and have a huge capacity to learn and adapt to their surroundings. They have even been known to outwit humans and play funny tricks.

can sometimes nip, during play and when they feel threatened. Most ferrets can be trained to be more gentle and taught that it’s not OK to bite. You need to think about whether you have the time to train them to play nicely.

One of the handy things about owning a ferret is that they are not particularly noisy. Then tend to be fairly quiet except for the occasional noise. This means your neighbours will not be disturbed. Ferrets can actually be trained to go to the toilet in a litter box. This is quite handy because they do need a fair amount of exercise out of their cage. They need at least three hours of exercise a day out of their cage. However, you do need to be prepared for a few accidents. Most ferrets can be fairly reliable not to toilet out of their litter box but they aren’t perfect.

If you have had a tough day it’s nice to come home to a ferret who will immediately cheer you up. They are very loyal and sometimes affectionate. Ferrets can also be quite naughty and occasionally destructive around the home. Don’t get a ferret if you want your home to be perfect, because they tend to chew and occasionally break things. You will also need to ferret proof your home if you are thinking of getting a ferret, getting rid of any potential hazards or escape routes. They are smart creatures and if they can find a way to get out they will.

Ferrets are not particularly cheap to look after, you need to purchase them in the first place. Then there are the added costs including a cage, , litter, and vet bills. Before getting a ferret seriously consider whether you have the time and money to give them a good home.


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