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What Is It Like To Be A Dog Groomer?

What Is It Like To Be A Dog Groomer?

If you are thinking about starting a career in dog grooming, there are some things you need to know. A lot of people have an idea in their heads about what working as a dog groomer might be like, but the reality is very different. It’s difficult to understand just how much hard work and skill it requires, until you actually try it yourself.

Dog owners drop their dogs off at the grooming salon and when they pick them up they have been magically transformed. They don’t see the work that goes on behind the scenes into making their pooch look gorgeous.

Being a dog groomer is interesting, fun, entertaining and it’s wonderful to be able to work with dogs. However, it is also a very physical job that can be very tiring. You need to be able to be on your feet for hours and concentrate when you have a fidgety dog on the table. It takes between 1 and four hours to groom a dog, depending on what breed they are.

Unlike people at the hairdressers, dogs won’t sit still for you. You can’t give them instructions on the best way to stand for you to cut their hair. They rarely sit still and some dogs will fight you every step of the way. It takes a lot of patience to stay calm and get through the groom when you have a very difficult dog.

You also have to be prepared to deal with dogs that might be aggressive during the grooming process. You can always refuse to groom a dog if they become aggressive, but you need to be able to spot the signs. Having a good knowledge of canine behaviour is essential for dog grooming, because you need to be able to pick up on signs of stress and anxiety.

It’s also not a very glamourous job. You get covered in dog hair, water, shampoo and sometimes have to clean the dog’s anal glands. You also have to clean their ears and deal with very stinky dogs. You really do have to love dogs and not mind dealing with these sorts of things.

Now we have touched on some of the negative parts of being a dog groomer, here are some of the positives. You get to transform scruffy dogs into beautiful pooches. Dog grooming can be very creative and also extremely satisfying. You get an amazing feeling when the owner sees their dog and is pleased with your work.

You also get to work with lots of different dogs of all shapes, sizes and personalities. It improves your knowledge of dog behaviour and there are so many styles of groom to learn. It’s a very rewarding job that’s ideal for people who like to work in a physical job where you get to be creative.
If you aren’t sure whether dog grooming is right for you, try doing an introductory course in dog grooming. This will give you an accurate idea of what is involved and enable you to see whether it would be the right career choice for you.

We hope we have answered your questions on what is it like to be a dog groomer!


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