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What Dog Should I Get?

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The pet lovers of the world can usually be split into two different camps: Dog people, and cat people. There are a small minority, of course, that bridge the divide and have furry companions from both species but broadly speaking people tend to prefer one over the other.

Dogs need more attention and are generally more demanding to care for than cats and this often dictates which pet many owners will choose. Each breed of dog has its own characteristics, and each individual dog has its own temperament. This must be taken into account when choosing your new dog.

The Right Dog for Your Environment

There are lots of reasons why a person may want a dog, and many more reasons why somebody might favour a particular breed. Maybe you had a labrador at home when you were a child, for example, and now that you have your own place you want to relive some childhood memories.

Exercise and Energy

While this is not necessarily a bad reason for owning another labrador, you would need to think about the environment the dog will be living in. Dogs never stay the wide eyed tiny little puppies that you fell in love with, and that boundless energy may have been cute when they were small but could turn into a real problem later.

If you are not able to walk that lab on a regular basis, which means at least once every single day, then you may need to re-evaluate your choice of dog. The size and location of your home will also play a significant role in the decision making process, as should the other members of your household. The dog must appeal to everyone who has to live with it!

Generally speaking, the bigger and stronger the dog is, the more space and exercise it needs. Working dogs particularly need a lot of exercise if they are to stay fit, healthy and content. The correct amount of exercise will save your shoes and furniture from a playful mauling.

Time and Space Management for a Happy and Healthy dog

If you are not home too much in the day, or otherwise don’t often have much spare time to spend with your dog , then must be taken in account when selecting a breed of dog. Finding the time to interact with your dog and take it for walks is just as important as providing fresh food and water each day.

Your home is important too, because the smaller the living space is, the smaller the dog which can live happily in it. An apartment in the city, for example, might be best suited to a smaller dog. Conversely, if you live in a large enough home and have access to fields or parks, and you also have both the time and energy to devote to your pet, then your options are much broader.

Choose a dog that can live with you happily and healthily, and not just one that looks cute or makes you feel better.


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