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What Does a Rabbit Need?

Rabbits play a huge part in the lives of many, from fond memories of our childhood raising Flopsy, to watching our own children melt over their first experience around little bunnies. However, as small and sweet as they appear, they do require a fair bit of TLC (not that it’s hard to love their fluffy faces).

Here is our introduction on how to look after your new addition:

Decide on a Safe Space

Some people much prefer to keep their bunnies indoors while others like to keep them outdoors. What is best for you and your bunny will depend on your lifestyle, the place you live in and the environment. If you live in an area where there are lots of foxes for example, it is best to keep them inside.

If Flopsy is destined for the outdoors, find a large, secure hutch. If you’ve decided to let him into the home, then remove any plants, wires or hazards that may put your furry friend at risk. You should also consider any potential hazards your pet may find on roaming your garden such as toxic flowers and any tempting holes in the fence.

Keep Things Clean

No matter which location you choose for your bunny’s new home, you will need to make sure that you keep on top of the mess. You wouldn’t want to live in your own filth, so don’t put your new best friend through it. Get rid of any rotting or uneaten food and more importantly, those ever-mounting droppings, every single day.

You should wash the and as part of the daily routine. Cleaning material items and toys, changing the hay and wiping down the can be done once a week.

Eat Fresh

As much Flopsy may tell you that he can eat anything, the truth is that bunnies need pretty strict diets to make sure that they stay happy and healthy, including good coat maintenance, dental health and general wellbeing.

A rabbit’s main course should always be , which is great because it doubles as bedding – just make sure it is dust-free. A little bit of grass on a summer’s day won’t go amiss either. Other than the latter, things like vegetables and should only been given in small amounts, as too many can be harmful.

Encourage Exercise

No one wants to be stuck inside all day, especially when the weather is fine. It can be upsetting to any bunny to be trapped in their hutch when they want to jump, run and hop. Let your bunny go out into the garden in a when possible or consider letting your bunny roam your home if it is safe to do so.

Get Groomed

If you love nothing more than a bit of a pamper session, let your furry friend join in too! While your bunny won’t need a bath or a facemask, they do need the occasional brush through and manicure. You can use any and pair of , but if in doubt, ask a vet on how best to groom your precious pet.

Keep in Touch with The Vet

Just like cats and dogs, our bouncy bunny rabbits need to visit the vet now and again too. It’s important to get insurance to make sure your bunny is always protected from nasty surprises.

You’ll need to take Flopsy to the vet annually for boosters, after the initial appointment (when your bunny reaches five weeks old). You might also need to consider the option of neutering.

If you still feel a bit overwhelmed, there is a good on how to look after your new bundle of joy.


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