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What do rabbits eat? An introduction to a bunny’s diet.

Thinking about getting a cute bunny rabbit but not sure what you should be feeding it? We’ve put together a guide, so you can get to grips on everything you’ll need to know when it comes to a rabbit’s diet…

Rabbits really are what they eat, so to ensure you’ve got a healthy, happy bunny it’s always good to know you’re feeding them the very best options! Bunnies are designed to graze throughout the day, eating little and often.

It is important for a bunny’s digestive system to be ticking along constantly throughout each and every day, so their bodies remain in good working order.

To keep your rabbit healthy, there are three important elements to their diet:

1. A continuous supply of grass or hay to nibble on
2. A mixture of fresh veg and leafy greens
3. A small amount of high-fibre pellets

Fresh grass or hay should make up the majority of your rabbit’s daily diet, with an ideal % sitting at around 85-90%. We recommend feeding your furry friend a ball of hay or grass, around half their body size each day. Although, if you find they are eating more, there is no harm in keeping a constant supply for them to graze on.

To mix things up a little, because let’s face it, hay and grass all day every day can get a little boring, you should use fresh vegetables and leafy greens to make up around 10% of your bunny’s diet. We recommend giving an amount around the same size as your rabbit’s head daily. When it comes to choosing vegetables, opt for natural, low sugar options such as:

• Spinach
• Broccoli
• Celery
• Kale
• Dandelion leaves

Although people often associate carrots with bunnies, carrots along with fruit are high in sugar. Of course, they make for a super tasty treat for your four-pawed friends but try to stick to just giving these types of food once or twice a week.

The final 5% off your rabbit’s daily food intake should take the form of . These are an important addition to a bunny’s diet to ensure they are getting all the minerals their body needs to be fit and healthy. We recommend feeding your rabbit a small cup of pellets, dished out twice during the day. Not sure which pellets are best for your furry friend? Take a look at our entire range here and shop with the peace of mind that you are buying the very best, natural foods for your rabbit.

Want to make your rabbits space a little homelier? Be sure to check out our range of , , , and much more! Natural treats are great for keeping your rabbit’s teeth strong as well as mixing up their diet a little to add some variety. Of course, these kinds of treats should be given in moderation. Like us on to keep up to date with all things pets!


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