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What are the best chew toys for dogs?

When it comes to chew toys for your four-pawed friends, there are a lot of great choices out on the market. So many in fact, it might be difficult to choose exactly which toy is best suited to your beloved dog. In this blog post, we’re detailing some of our top picks from our extensive range of chew toys for you to choose from…

First up, if you’re wondering why your dog can benefit from a chew toy…here are just a few reasons:

• For puppies, they are great for teething
• For adult dogs, they are good for keeping the jaw and bite strong
• It keeps their brain engaged
• It keeps their teeth clean

Before you pick out a toy for your dog, it’s important to understand that there are three types of chewers, and certain toys will be suited to each type:

• Inhaler – these dogs bite off large chunks of edible chews, and they’re almost gone before you know it.

Perfect choices for inhalers: firm chew toys, tennis balls, stuffed toys and rope chew toys.

• Destroyer – these dogs are the ones that thoroughly enjoy destroying whatever they manager to get their mouths on, they may not eat it, but they like to pull it apart.

Perfect choices for destroyers: edible chews and treats, firm chew toys and rawhides.

• Nibbler – these are the dogs you would call lovers rather than fighters; these dogs slowly nibble on their chew toys or take their time to savour food.

Perfect choices for nibblers: rawhides, bully sticks and edible chews and treats, rope chews and stuffed toys.

So, now you know what type of toy your dog needs, here are our top picks for each type of chewer:

First up, is the , perfect for Inhalers and Nibblers. Retailing from just £2.19 this cute little teddy makes for the perfect companion come chew toy for your little pup.

Our next choice is the , a great choice for Inhalers and Destroyers thanks to the firmness, this will be a long-lasting rubber toy that will ensure your dog’s teeth are strong and healthy! Retailing from just £6.99 it’s a great investment for your dog’s health!

Next up is the , a wonderful choice for Inhalers and Nibblers. This chew is perfect for keeping your dog’s teeth strong and healthy whilst having a little bit of fun at the same time. Retailing at just £7.99.

Our final choice is the , a hybrid of the classic tennis ball and squeaker toy, this product makes a good choice for all kinds of chewers thanks to its durability yet nonabrasive felt. Retailing from just £3.99, it makes for a good staple toy for your four-legged friend!

Of course, there are plenty more on our site to choose from, so take your pick! If you buy one, we’d love to see your pup with it, send your pictures to us on our page!


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