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Wet cat food

As with all animals, a cat’s health is affected greatly by the food you feed it. Cats need the right combination of protein and carbohydrates to ensure they function properly. They are carnivores by nature and cannot live on a vegetarian diet; therefore meat is an essential part of their daily food intake. Although many cat owners feed their cat on home made food, meat which isn’t correctly prepared may not necessarily contain all the correct nutrients and could potentially contain toxins which may be harmful to your cat. It can also be too high in fat. To ensure the correct balance, it is recommended to use a good quality wet pet food rather than prepare your own.

Wet food contains the most protein, so these should form the main part of your cat’s diet. Most cat food brands, in particular Felix and Whiskas, do a great variety of meaty foods which taste natural and full of flavour. Chicken, Rabbit and Fish based foods which are real meat and not meat by products are best as they are appetising and nourishing, but also lean.

Obesity is a serious issue for cats and brands now do their utmost to prevent this. Hills and Felix in particular do a great variety of sealed wet food pouches. These ensure portion control is followed and your cat is not overfed, and also keep the food as fresh as possible. Nutrients and vitamins are also key and a cat’s needs vary depending on their age. Iam’s do various pet food options throughout every stage of your cat’s life, from kitten to senior. Extensive research has been carried out to ensure each product contains the correct ingredients to keep your cat’s joints, organs, teeth and fur in optimum condition.


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