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Welcome to Yumville!

There’s nothing quite like a few cute animals if you want to garner attention on social media. The plethora of cats and dogs which have scowled and gurned their way to online stardom will not have escaped your notice. Now, a media agency has delivered another stroke of marketing genius by showcasing yet more cute pets. This time there are no pampered pooches or fluffy moggies involved because the stars of the show are hamsters!

Georgian Charm


The Leavingstone media agency, which is based in Tblisi, Georgia, had been charged with the task of raising the profile of a grocery chain called Surpremo which was struggling to attract young female customers. The agency came up with a rather wonderful web series featuring Yumville, a tiny replica town for hamsters. Yumville is distinguished by astonishing attention to detail and its residents are rather cute too!


Roaming Rodents


Yumville’s resident rodents have a book store, flower store and, of course, a well-stocked pet shop at their disposal. They also benefit from a lovely house with bedrooms that feature exercise wheels. The web series plays on the popularity of both cute pets, reality TV and soap operas to deliver a winning formula. The ordinary family of hamsters live in a quaint European town which took nearly 2000 hours to model.


Happy Hamsters


Four designers worked on the project, creating shops, a replica of the oldest movie theatre in Batumi, Georgia and miniature hamster homes. The town is certainly charming and the level of detail is mind-boggling. Tiny flowers, posters, rubbish and graffiti have all been included to create a wonderful setting.



Happy Marketers


The web series, which was called The Hungry Hamsters, has proved to be incredibly popular. No surprise there then! It includes nine episodes and has achieved 2.5 million views on Facebook whilst winning the team at Leavingstone several advertising awards. Now that the project has been completed, Yumville is located at the grocery chain Supremo’s headquarters and could be for sale if there are any hamsters out there who need an attractive new home.


If you keep hamsters you should consider a trip to Georgia to check out the ultimate pad for your pets!


Meanwhile you can watch the fist episode of Hungry Hampsters right here:



One wonders which pets will become the next social media sensations. At least in this case the videos showcased cute animals rather than those notable for their ugliness or ridiculous attire. The hamster stars certainly seem happy exploring Yumville.


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