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Ways To Keep Your Dog Fit In The New Year

Now is the perfect time to think about not only your fitness regime for the New Year but also your dog’s. Canine obesity is a big problem at the moment, as too many owners can’t resist the temptation to feed their dogs too much. Dogs that are overweight can sometimes die as much as two years earlier than healthy dogs. Make the most of your dog by giving them the exercise they need to keep them fit and healthy. If their daily walk isn’t doing enough then you might need to increase the amount of exercise they do. There are many ways you can exercise your dog, here are a few to try in 2014.

Go Running With Them

If you enjoy running then this is a brilliant way to exercise your dog. It will give them a good workout and enable them to burn off some energy. However, you do have to be careful if you take your dog on runs with you not to overdo it. Dogs with health conditions and elderly dogs should not be taken on long runs. If your dog it healthy then they will definite benefit from going on a few runs and if they are a little overweight it should help them shed the pounds.

More Walks

If the walks you are doing at the moment don’t seem to be tiring your dog out or helping them lose weight then you might need to make changes. Try and give your dog more walks a day rather than just one walk and increase the time you walk them for.

Exercise Classes & Activities

These are dog activity classes that involve some form of exercise. Agility is a good example because your dog has to run through obstacles and it’s an excellent way to keep them active. You can also try Flyball which is an exciting action sport where dogs race each other over hurdles to release a tennis ball that the dog has to collect and return.

Retrieval Games

Retrieval games are a great way to tire your dog out. They provide good physical activity because your dog has to constantly chase after something and retrieve it. You can keep going with a retrieval game until your dog is finally tired out.

Playing With Other Dogs

Ask any dog owner who has a dog that likes to play and they will say it’s the best way to get their dog to burn off excess energy. Play fighting and playing with other dogs can be quite a tiring activity. Find a dog that your dog loves to play with and meet up so that both your dogs can get some quality exercise.

Time Outside

Simply letting your dog go outside and play in the garden for a few hours a day can really help. Be careful as the weather gets colder not to leave them outside for too long. Just give them a bit of fresh air and a chance to stretch their legs.


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