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Warning - Don’t Overfeed Your Pet

Unfortunately is still on the increase. Owners simply don’t understand they are harming their pets. You can seriously shorten your pets life expectancy if you let them get to overweight. If you want to have your pet by your side for as long as possible then keep an eye on how much you are feeding them.

A study by the Manufacturers’ Association ( found that:

  • Nearly half of all pets in the UK are classed as obese.
  • Despite these results, two in three (63 per cent) pet owners believed their pets were the correct weight.
  • One in three (37 per cent) owners knew how to check whether their animal was a healthy weight.

A lot of people think that their pet is fine, when they are actually classed as obese. When you live with your pet it’s more difficult to notice a difference. You might not notice that your pet has started to pile on the pounds. It was also made clear by the study that not enough pet owners know how to check their pets weight correctly.

Overweight pets can also have a big impact on your bank balance. A pet that is obese is far more likely to have health problems as a result. You will find yourself needing to take them to the vet more regularly to deal with issues related to weight gain.

So what can you to do ensure your pet stays at a healthy weight?

Read instructions on pet food carefully

Make sure you read the instructions on so that you know exactly how much food to give your pet. Measure out the correct amount for each day so that they are getting the correct amount of food.

Weigh your pet regularly

Keep an eye on your pets weight by weighing them regularly. Record how much they weigh each time so that you can check they are staying around the right weight. If they start to lose or gain a few pounds or kilos then you can adjust their diet accordingly.

Go for check ups at the vet

Your vet is one of the best people to judge whether your pet is overweight. When you go for regular check ups ask your vet whether they think your pet is a healthy weight or not.

Learn how to check whether your pet is a healthy weight

You can check whether your pet is overweight by looking at their body shape and feeling certain areas of their body. For example with dogs you should be able to easily feel their ribs but not see them. Find out how to check your pets weight properly.

Provide the recommended exercise for your pet

There are certain recommendations for different pets and breeds as to roughly how much exercise they require. Obviously it still depends on each individual pet and their needs. For example, some older pets require less exercise. Try and give your pet the correct amount of exercise so that they can stay fit and healthy.


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