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Versace has Gone to The Dogs!

Recent research revealed that pet owners typically spend £18,000 on their dogs over the course of their lifetime. That is the equivalent of running a small family car. It is also a sum which would provide a deposit for a home. Whilst most of that figure is made up of unavoidable expenses such as food and vets fees, most owners also treat their pets to a few extra luxuries. In some cases that additional expenditure could include the purchase of designer accessories.

Discerning Dogs

Even the most discerning dog probably couldn’t recognise a designer label if it was right in front of their face. But many owners could and value the sense of luxury. Unfortunately, designer goods are often faked and whilst some of the hooky styles would fool a human let alone a dog, they are illegal.

Huge quantities of fake goods are seized by the authorities every year. Most are eventually destroyed. But Nottingham City Council’s Trading Standards team have found a better way to dispose of the fakes that they have seized in recent months.

Fake Designer Blankets Find New Home

This year, in Nottingham at least, the knock-off Versace and Louis Vuitton is going to the dogs, specifically the pooches at Castleford Dog Rescue in Ilkeston. Officials felt that the fake gear should be put to good use and so the lucky hounds at the rescue centre will be kept warm by new blankets and knits.

Not So Discerning Dogs

But will the dogs spot that they are lounging about on fake blankets? Of course not! The dogs are sure to enjoy their blankets and they certainly won’t be concerned where they came from or what name is on them.

Perfect Solution for Pooches

This is heart-warming story and it is fabulous to hear that the blankets haven’t been wasted. The Earth’s valuable resources are rapidly becoming depleted and manufacturing seriously impacts the environment. It is a terrible shame when all that havoc is wreaked on the planet only for the goods to be destroyed. With so many animals in need of help, trading Standards have found the perfect solution to a perennial problem.

Are You Part of the Problem?

It is vital that pet owners don’t contribute to a global issue by investing in fake goods for their pets. Whilst cheap copies are always tempting, they seriously impact legitimate producers and damage the environment. Not to mention the fact that fake goods may not be safe.

To make matters worse, there are huge costs involved in identifying offenders and disposing of their wares. It really is best to stick to the genuine article and remember, your pet won’t feel short changed with a cheaper brand if you can’t quite stretch to the Versace piece.



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