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Vaping and Pets

Is Vaping Hazardous to Pets?


Most smokers wish to kick their habit. Smoking is known to be extremely hazardous to health. So hazardous that half of all smokers will die prematurely as a result of their habit. To make matters worse, passive smoking is also dangerous and it isn’t only people who are affected. Pets also breath in cigarette smoke and, unlike people, many pets can’t simply decide to leave the home because they are trapped in their cages and aquariums.

Hard to Quit


Smokers can help their pets as well as themselves by quitting but kicking the habit is easier said than done. Most smokers who have attempted to quit have eventually returned to smoking. Until recently that is. The arrival of electronic cigarettes has changed everything. These simple devices not only deliver the nicotine that smokers crave, they also mimic the action of smoking and so address the addiction and the habit.


How Safe is Vaping?


Many smokers have been able to quit for good thanks to vaping. Whilst there is some debate regarding exactly how safe electronic cigarettes actually are, few experts deny that they are a great deal safer than smoking tobacco. In addition, whatever threat the vapour may pose to the health of vapers, it has little impact on other people or pets.


Eliquids and Cartridges


So vaping is generally very good news for animals but there are a couple of potential issues. Most new vapers start out by using what are known as cig-a-likes. These are small devices which look like traditional cigarettes. They feature a cylindrical battery to which a cartridge is attached. The cartridge contains the eliquid and the heating element which vaporizes it.


These small cartridges must be disposed of carefully as most contain nicotine which is poisonous. There have been many cases of dogs eating the cartridges and becoming sick. Vapers who have pets must keep these cartridges away from their animals. Vapers who use devices to which they add eliquid should ensure that the liquids containing nicotine are stored out of the reach of their pets. Most eliquids are flavoured and so smell appealing to animals.


Cats and Vapour


It has also been suggested that vapour could be hazardous for cats if they inhale significant amounts. Eliquids contain nicotine and flavourings suspended in a base liquid which is usually a mix of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. The latter is known to be an irritant to the feline respiratory system. There is as yet no evidence that cats have been affected by their owners’ vaping but it might be best to avoid using a vaping device if a cat is on your lap!


Vaping will almost certainly prove to be a major boon for pets. The plight of pets which live with smokers has never received much attention but the dangers of passive smoking are clear. Vaping is a far better choice if you have animals. As long as your cats are kept at a distance and dogs are prevented from feasting on eliquids and cartridges, vaping could be a fabulous innovation for all pets.


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