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Using Your Pet as an Excuse

Tall Tales of Giant Rabbits


How many times have used your pet as an excuse when you have really screwed up? You know the kind of thing – you were late because you tripped over the cat and sprained your ankle. That report that you had every intention of submitting on time got eaten by your Dalmatian. Your cockatoo stole your car keys and your next door neighbour’s Vietnamese pot-bellied pig ate the perfect dinner that you had cooked for your partner’s boss.

The Convenient Excuse


Our pets are often an incredibly convenient means of extricating ourselves from a variety of awkward situations. We learn this neat trick at a young age. Mainly because we have heard our mother telling her unpleasant boss that she can’t come to work because the goldfish has escaped or some such rubbish. Well, its marginally better than the old washing machine flooding the floor story.


Wising Up


However, bosses and teachers are wise to the deceit and it can be hard to get the old electrocuted budgie story past them these days. Perhaps that is why young Noah Wood ran into trouble recently when he told his teacher that a giant white rabbit had stolen his homework! You can imagine her scepticism. But a giant rabbit really had stolen his homework and his mother was forced to visit the school to explain.


Naughty Queenie

Hannah wood had been sitting down to read with her son when their pet rabbit actually did run off with Noah’s homework. Mrs Wood was unable to find the school work which left Noah in a bit of a spot. The naughty rabbit, a continental giant called Queenie, had hidden his work and it could not be located.


Fortunately, the teacher found the whole situation hilarious and suggested that Mrs Wood bring the two-and-a-half foot rabbit into school for the other children to meet.


Neither Mrs Wood nor her son had actually seen the rabbit make off with the homework but they suspected Queenie immediately when they realised that the work was on the missing list. The rabbit was apparently in the habit of nicking things that it had taken a fancy to.


Guilty as Charged


After returning home from the school, Mrs Wood turned the house upside down and eventually found the missing homework stashed under the sofa and rather chewed up! So the rabbit was definitely the guilty party.


One wonders how many times Noah will now use his rabbits as an excuse!


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