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USA Pet Stats Show How Trends Differ Across the Pond

If you consider just how many people in your life also have a pet or two, the numbers swiftly add up.

Although it was a close run thing, recent studies in the UK produced evidence that we are nation that prefers dogs to cats although both animals topped a poll of the most popular animals in the United Kingdom by some distance. You might well imagine that the statistics for our neighbours across the Atlantic to show a similar pattern; well, they do, but the overall winner is neither feline nor canine in breed. Yes, there are no doubt plenty of cat and dog lovers in the US but both these staples come in behind a surprise victor.


The study of pets undertaken last year in the United States of America produced some interesting and perhaps surprising results. One of the most startling statistics shown during the survey was based on financial issues, proving that American pet owners really do love their pets with their hearts and their wallets. Over $50 billion were spent on pets last year in the United States, making them one of the biggest outgoings in American family life, but a worthy one no doubt. Still, even these mind-melting figures cannot hide the strangest result which the survey offered up.

Though there were over 78 million dogs and 86 million cats registered in America last year, the

most popular pet proved to be fresh water fish. With over 151 million purchased in the US last year alone, these creatures topped the list by some distance and threw the results of the survey into a confusing position. Admittedly, a fresh water fish is perhaps unlikely to be purchased alone but when the issues of cost are considered, this trend seems even more surprising. No doubt a further test will be undertaken in 2011 to see just how the figures have altered in a year, but for the time being at least, the king and queen of American pets are neither furry nor stroke-able, but scaly!


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