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Unusual Pets

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The most popular pets in the UK are fish, cats, dogs and rabbits. These are all very normal pets to have, but what about the more unusual ones? There are some very unusual pets that you can get in the UK, some people love keeping pets that are a little different from the norm. Here are some unusual pets you can keep in the UK.

Pygmy Hedgehogs

Pygmy hedgehogs are becoming more popular in the UK. People are trying to get their hands on these tiny, pocket-sized creatures. They are obviously very cute looking little animals and they are actually fairly easy to look after. They do need quite a bit of space because they require daily exercise.

They look very similar to normal hedgehogs, the main differences being that they are much smaller, more domesticated and don’t carry diseases. They can be fed with cat food and are happy to be handled. However, it’s quite difficult to get hold of one as there are not many breeders and they aren’t cheap, usually costing around £200.


Lots of people enjoy the shock factor of owning a creature that many people are terrified of. Tarantulas are actually fairly easy pets and the people who own them really do appreciate this magnificent creature. If you want to own a Tarantula you will need to get them a terrarium, give them something to hide under and feed them on a diet of insects. Although they are not particularly social creatures they can occasionally be handled with care.

African Land Snails

Some people like to keep Giant African Land Snails as pets. These slimy creatures are quite impressive to look at and you can actually handle them. If you are going to handle them make sure your hands are moist and give your hands a good wash after handling them.

These snails will eat pretty much any vegetable or fruit, they should be given a wide variety of food so that they can get all the nutrients they need. If you want an African Land Snail you will need to get them a fish tank with a ventilated lid. They need enough room to be able to move around freely.

Boa Constrictor

Boa constrictors start life off as fairly small, many people are surprised when they grow up to 10 feet and sometimes even larger. Many people are scared of snakes and couldn’t imagine keeping them as a pet. However, some people grow to love these fascinating animals and keep them as pets for many years.

Boas are not a small commitment; they can live between 20 and 30 years. This is a huge commitment. They are fed on a diet of prey such as rats, this is something a lot of people struggle with. Because of their size they need a huge amount of space so that they have enough room to move.

Whatever pet you are thinking about getting, make sure you seek expert advice about their needs and requirements. You need to get a pet that is right for you, and that you can look after properly. Don’t just get a particular pet because they are popular or unusual, make sure you are getting a pet for the right reasons.


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