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Unlikely Feline Survivor

Grenfell Tower resident Kerry O’Hara escaped her 6th floor flat during the infamous fire. When she realised that she would have to evacuate the building, she was in a terrible state of panic. The experience was extremely traumatic and made worse by the fact that she had to rush out of her flat and leave the building without her beloved cat Rosey.

Much Loved Cat Left Behind

When Kerry ran out of her flat, Rosey was sitting on the sofa. Kerry made her way out of the tower block through thick smoke. She managed to reach the second floor where she was found by a firefighter who led her out of the building. It seemed inevitable that her cat would have perished in the fire.

Kerry has suffered from depression for more than twenty years and her condition became worse in the aftermath of the fire. She was forced to live in temporary accommodation and without her furry friend.

Searching for Rosie

In the days following the fire, Kerry repeatedly returned to the police cordon around Grenfell in search of Rosey. She asked if anyone had seen the cat and put up posters in the area. But there were no sightings of the black and white moggie and Kerry was forced to accept that Rosey had perished in the fire.

Emaciated Cat

Two months later, a resident of Oxford Gardens, a road a few hundred yards from the tower, found an emaciated and terrified cat. They took the poor little chap to a local vet who scanned its microchip and discovered that its registered address was Flat 34, Grenfell Tower. Kerry was contacted and told that Rosey had been found alive.

The Reunion

Rosey recognised Kerry immediately when they were reunited. The cat had emerged from the blaze with no burns and merely had a scratch on her nose. She is now back living with Kerry in their temporary home as they wait for a suitable flat to found by the council.

Kerry lost most of her personal possessions in the blaze. A few items were recovered but she is essentially having to rebuild her entire life. She had been happy at Grenfell Tower and believed that it would be her home for the rest of her days. Kerry has been offered several potential new homes but they have all been unsuitable as they were located too far from the support network Kerry relies on to cope with her mental health issues.

At least Kerry still has Rosey. It isn’t known how the cat managed to escape from the Tower during the blaze. There hasn’t been a great deal of good news following the fire but the survival of Rosey is at least one uplifting story to emerge following the disaster.



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