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Two Legged Cat?

The Amazing Able – The Cat with Only Two Legs


Residents of a street in Chiang Mai, Thailand were startled when they heard a very loud bang. It sounded like a bomb had exploded but following the noise there was no sign of an explosive device. It wasn’t until a week later that it became clear what had really happened.

The Cat in the Alley


Able, a gorgeous tabby cat, was discovered stranded in an alley a week after the explosive noise. He had been electrocuted by loose wires and the shock had been so severe that his front legs and tail had been blown off. You would think that such terrible injuries would signal the end for Able. But thanks to the care of the family who took him in and Able’s tenacity, the cat has learnt to get about with remarkable aplomb.


Kangaroo Cat


Able was rescued by Walai Sriboonvorakul who welcomed the cat into the family home. She then carefully nursed him back to health. His wounds were very sore initially but eventually healed well. Walai named the cat Able to reflect his ability to lead a normal life in spite of his appalling injuries. Able adapted to his new life incredibly quickly and has learnt to move about on his hind legs somewhat like T Rex. He can also jump like a kangaroo. He has learnt how to tackle stairs, to chase other cats and to scale walls.


Roaming Free


Able is now allowed to roam around the house and the garden. When he started to stray beyond the property, other animals appeared to gang up on him so he came hopping back! He takes great delight in waking up Ms Sriboonvorakul’s son every morning and loves to play. He can even pounce on his toys.


The Amazing Able is firmly established as one of the family and is thoroughly pampered. He lost his legs but found a wonderful home in which he has prospered. He was just 12 months old when he was electrocuted but two years later he is leading a happy life.


It is incredible to hear that a cat with no front legs and no tail can learn to live a full and happy life. An incident which looked like the end for this moggie proved to be just the beginning of a fabulous new life with a loving family.


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