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TV Documentary Explores the Crimes of the Croydon Cat Killer

Vice TV recently broadcasted a documentary exploring the crimes of the now infamous Croydon Cat Killer. The exploits of this serial offender have now reached frightening proportions as no less than 361 killings have been attributed to the mysterious figure who is terrorising British streets.

The Documentary, To Catch A Cat Killer, looked at the efforts being made to identify the mysterious attacker.

Warning: This documentary contains some scenes that viewers may find disturbing.

Investigators on the case

The Police and the RSPCA are both working hard to apprehend the sadist. In addition, amateur sleuths Boudicca and Terry of Snarl of the South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty group are on the case. But there doesn’t appear to have been much progress.

Copycat killers?

The documentary suggested that there may be more than one person involved in the crimes. The attacks have shared similarities but there have been variations in the modus operandi and the killings have been extremely widespread. For these reasons the experts interviewed in the broadcast feel that a group could be behind the crimes or that a copycat killer or killers could be at work. This makes the situation even more disturbing. It is hard to imagine that one person could be so cruel, but several?

A murderer in the making

The programme raised the worrying thought that the Croydon Cat Killer could escalate their activities and begin to attack people. Many serial killers are known to have committed acts of cruelty to animals before moving on to focus on human victims. Particularly disturbing is the fact that the Cat Killer has been retaining bits of his victims and this parallels the behaviour of some of the most infamous mass murderers in history. It is highly likely that if the Croydon Cat Killer isn’t caught soon, people will be the next targets.

Apprehending the killer

The killer has left evidence behind at the scenes of his crimes. Hopefully, there will eventually be enough evidence to lead investigates to a particular individual or group. The police are also examining the geographical spread of the crimes in order to learn more about the offender or offenders.

Although evidence has been found which may eventually prove to be useful, there has been nothing which amounts to a smoking gun. One can only hope that the killer makes a mistake and soon. The crimes occur at night but in residential areas where it is entirely possible that someone will see him or her in action. If the killer could be linked to a vehicle or a witness was able to provide a description, it would help investigators to identify the perpetrator.

Front page news

News of the Croydon Cat Killer was largely confined to the back pages for many months but is now making headlines across the country. This is a story that we will continue to follow here at Time for Paws as the plot continues to thicken and we can’t wait to be a position to tell you that the mystery has been solved. If you have any information that you think could be useful, please contact the police or the RSPCA. Every little helps!


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